Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jamo Experience Vid

Well everyone now its time for the long awaited Video for Jamo's Rap "The Jamo Experience"!

Bringing you choons like youv never heard before from the coasts of Scotland, here comes Jamo blindin' everybody with his bostyness.


Click here to watch the Jamo Experience Video

if you haven't head this before or want the mp3 file for this track download the mp3 HERE

Rite well hope you enjoy it cos it was definatly fun making it! nice one, bye!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was coowel dowd i like you rap song love kaye

Blogger Josho said...

thanks kaye glad you liked it!

Anonymous Michael said...

I found this site AGES ago and just found the link in my bookmarks lol. Surprised to see your all still going and updating this =]

Keep it going ;)

Mike, Leeds

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike of Leeds! I am soooo proud of my lads, keep it going boys. Dad xoxo