Josho - Joshua OldhamReal Name: Joshua David John Oldham
DOB: 28/7/1989
Height: 6ft 5
Weight: 13.1 Stone
Bike: Customized Kona Caldera
Interests: Mountain Biking, Participating
in the Gallows Pub Quiz!

Any Other additional pointless information:

Yo im Josho the cool one of The Oldham Bros, as you may have guessed im into my biking and other things, im the one who keeps on top of the website trying to update it as often as i can with new interesting things! to get more of an idea of me and what i get up to check out the Day in the Life videos of me here:

A Day In The Life Of Josho
Another Day In The Life Of Josho

Also take a look at my photo Gallery Here

er thats about it, inabit!


Jamo - James OldhamReal Name: James Lewis Oldham
DOB: 08/09/92
Height: 5ft 11"
Weight: 11.2 Stone
Bike: Kona Blast
Interests: Music and other things involved with performance, being a fool boy

Other additional unrelated information:

Yo I'm Jamo, the cooler one of The Oldham bros. I am the almighty creator of most flash movies on the website, yeah...Also, i am the creator of Fred the Fat. I have no "Day in the life of Jamo" videos posted as of yet, but i plan on doing one for your pleasure and enjoyment. Any questions...good. Nice talking to you.
Keep it real dudes!