Friday, March 31, 2006

Evanescence - Wake Me Up Inside - Spoof

Well heres an intereting old video, this is one of the first must have been 1 to 2 years ago or sumamt like that, 3 dudes named Jamo, Aero n Danny, dont like moshers, and decide oneday that they wont to know what it is like to be a mosher emo freak,. i willl tell you it did not turn out pretty, here is some of the footage that captured thier outbreak of mosherness. beware, scary content....

Watch the Evanescence - Wake Me Up Inside video
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Anonymous Moroseth Anaratharach said...

Dude, Not cool, your worthless excuse for Humor insults one of the most creative and brilliant group of musical minds, if you are going to make a Spoof, Make it good, This is the kind of crap that only one with the mentality of a small child could find amusing

- Moro

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..........''...\.......... _.·´

Blogger Josho said...

like dude, way out man, that is so not real.

glad you enjoyed it!

like wow.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

moro got pwned!

Anonymous Jamo said...

I say down with Moroseth Anaratharach Ill tell you why. 1. I dont think that this comment is really relavent to any part of this video. 2. Musical mind? MUSICAL MIND??? sure evanescence are o.k... but when you put them as a brilliant group or musical minds it makes me sick inside therefore i need to be 'Waken up inside'!!! GET IT? and 3. Dude wot is that picture??? You either copied it frm a useless website that has worthless images of slashes dashes and dots or you did it yourself... which i gotta say is pretty...pretty sad BAHAHAHAHA.
Anywayz nice talking to you Moro-n speak to you soon
- Jamo

Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha Moro-n got Pwned

Blogger JohnO said...

I would like to comment on Moro's comment! What a sado you are Moro! For I observe that these ARE small children, did that escape your powers of observation? Get a life!

Anonymous Danny said...

good on you Johno

Blogger Yonner said...

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Blogger Yonner said...

ok well nevermind, I tried posting some hand-gestures of my own but they kept not working. never mind. funny vid ya little freak

Anonymous Joe Shelmerdine said...

Moro is a tosser! there kids get a life man!!!!!!

Blogger Josho said...



Saturday, March 25, 2006

Old Holly High Pictires

Back in the good old days when we used to have fun, we had brilliant dinner times and fun terrorising the homelessnessness, back in the day.... so i thought in aid of back from the day, id get up a few photos and videos from our old high schooling days. The resources are provided by Tom Garlick, for those who may not know him, he was the one with the brains to take a video camera in to school so that things like this can be made, nice work tom!, anyway here are a few Pictures and a video....

Click here for the videos

Click here for more High School pics

Well there folks, there you have it, comment n let us know what you think, or if you have stuff you want to add to this, just leave us a post in the forum. Bye...
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Anonymous Ben said...

They really were the good olds days. Nowt like that happens at college. The best bit of excitement we've had at Hopwood Crotchdale is James Armstead dropping his cheese sandwich; which wasn't actually that funny at all.

College is warping us into good, law abiding citizens.


Blogger Josho said...

haha, weyy well said ben, hmmm, there must be some sort of act we can participate in to counter this becoming good citizens business, if not im gonan start one. n everyday jobs and all colleges will soon be like what high school used to be, cant wait.... :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

[quote]College is warping us into good, law abiding citizens.

Actually, that's human nature. It's proven that once you start to mature you begin to use the reasoning part of your brain alot more, which is what seperates adults from silly kids... *cough*. But yeah, it's crazy how much people have changed since them pictures.

Blogger Josho said...

And you are? - ps to others its helpful to put your name down when posting instead of just being annonymous.. thanks :)

Anonymous Ben said...

Well, no I'm not a law obiding citizen anymore. Not after calling my comms lecturer a dick head and punching in his cabinet. My dad has to go in now after the holidays for a meeting with the section leader and my tutor, I'm probably getting kicked out...


Blogger JohnO said...

Chipwiz Ben! You really must learn to control yourself and "calm down". Calling people names and punching in cabinets wont earn you a living!

This sound advice comes from a good, upright, & law- abiding citizen concerned for your future. Live long & prosper!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jamo's Chester Zoo Trip

I (Jamo) went on an exhilarating trip to Chester Zoo on Thursday 9th March, what an amazing time we had. I went with a few class mates and some teachers, so I thought it would be funny if I took my camcorder to capture all the fools being stupid.
It turns out that I was the only one being adequately stupid, therefore I did not record any humans. But I recorded lots of animals. Do you know why? …Because it’s a zoo, you silly person.



Veiw more pictures from Jamo's chester zoo trip here

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Anonymous hannah said...

some cool pics bros nice work!

Blogger Yonner said...

yo jamo.
nice pics.
vids a bit short aint they?

Blogger Yonner said...

the one where those 2 lads are inside that bubble looking at that fluffy animal is my favourite shot. nice one

Anonymous Jamo said...

ye, they r supposed 2 b short cos then ppl can download em easier than jus sitin ther 4 hours waitin 4 it download. Ye that one was my favourite aswell. we have soooo much in common

Blogger Mat Kirk said...

what sort of freaks go to Chester Zoo

Anonymous JohnO said...

Good pix Jamo! I like the giraffes legs one best!

Anonymous Jamo said...

I dunno but i tell you now i am not a freak...ha u called moi a freak im flattered. Only problem is...I know where you live

Anonymous Ben said...

Quote Mat
what sort of freaks go to Chester Zoo

My sister. Notice her in the pic with all those girls at the front. Shes the only tart with her hair pulled tight, those stupid pants with a belt buckle bigger than her head and her legs spread spelling out 'DO ME!'


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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Blogger Yonner said...

dude, this could catch on.

Blogger Jamo said...

Yes and it shall catch on

Anonymous JohnO said...

Most entertaing and very creative!

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Blogger Josho said...

like wow, cool site.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what does lol mean?