Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jumpin' me n Whitlish on bikes

Hello there fellow readers of our site, here is a little somthing i threw together the other night, its basicly just a short bikin vid of us jumpin over each other from the other day up at Birch manor off wildhouse lane. its mor eof a taster video of what is to come, as i gotta pull my act together before i can be bothered editin the full vid, (its on my to do list)

Anyway enjoy the 'teaser trailer'!

Click Here to watch the bike trailer.
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Blogger Josho said...

get a shave


Anonymous Smigers said...


Anonymous Matty Garlick said...

Shaving is an effort! Your chin is no exception, its acres of surface area require a combine harvester to cut.


New Film! - Final Destination

Just To announce the new film that is now released on The Oldham Bros, it is called final destination, and is completely not a copy of the film that so happens to have the name final destination, that is jsut a complete coincidence, maybe.


anyway ye this is one that Jamo and his friends had the please in making. jamo had bought a Tripod for it a few week back, n this was kinda testin out how ood it was, i good result, a definate watch.

there is always new stuff up here so like, keep coming checkin us out!
Seeya Soon

Click Here to watch Final Destination
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Blogger Yonner said...

ha, funny :)

Anonymous Mat Kirk said...

thats mint. shame aero n danny hate me so much

Anonymous danny said...

we dont hate you............we simply strongly dispice you.

Anonymous nik hoyle said...

haha lol these vids r sik a bin misin out wivout broadband :P xxx

Thursday, April 06, 2006

2 New Movies Up!

Today your in for a treat we have two new movies up and here they are...

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

This is the newest one we completed it only the other week when there was a nice bit of snow to play in. its quite a good film, the end result dint turn out too bad, its more of a music video to Rawhide, The Blues Brohters, well have fun watching it.

Click here to watch Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

The Fan

This next film is one from way back i just decided to put up this one up. it consits of james lewis oldham beaing a fool, well its more of jamo just being bored on a hot day and decided to make a stupid film, must be at least 2 years old. hope you like this one too!

Click here to watch The Fan

Well thats it for today remember please comment on these movies below, or go to the forum and make a post there about us or the movies. its always nice to hear from people.

so long and come back soon for more, remeber, we update here regularly!

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Blogger Yonner said...

haha nice.
they both top.
like 'em both equally. the new rollin is better than the old one. nice work.

Blogger matt whitham said...

this site is great. thoses new vids are funny as. more the josh down a hill one. nut this site gives me quite a few laffs. i think ben schofield should have his own columb as his comments are piss funny

-matt whitham

Anonymous Graham said...

Yo, Saw you on google videos searched for oldham, cant work out wot school ur from but oh somthing to the jam rackis n record that!

Blogger Josho said...

cheers matt whitham and yonner for your equaly oposotive comments, and hey graym, good idea, haha, im from oldham six for m college, n my bros from holly high, nice to meet you.