Saturday, June 17, 2006


So as Everyone all knows the world cup is here, England have won their first 2, we stuggled but 6 points we are going to qualify, but what will happen next I wonder. will we be playing germany in the 16's? if so that will be a hard match, we will have to wait till next tuesday to see waht happens. and theres me to the left bein a mint England fan!

Ive recently grown a liking to peter crouch n im goin in Oldham tomorow to get myself an england top with crouch on, cant wait, in the mean time here are some funny pictures were crouch owned trinidad n tobago, and a few from the friendlys before too...

crouch's trinidad & tobago goal, nice shot of the keeper, the poor fella dunt know whats happenin'.

Crouch letting loose his secret Weapon, the almighty Garden Hedge Trimmer Kick!

Crouch owns Brent Sancho, the Trinidadian defender.

That ref is gettin brave.

The Crouchbot Dance

now im not entirley sure what is goin on here, but it sure looks funny, what a guy.

So there you have it, everyone called him crap, but i never doubted him for a second. Crouch is englands secret weapon this year, and i say bring on the crouch!

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Blogger Yonner said...

and its "ingerland" not engerland :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A New Idea...

I recently decided that I dont post to here enough, so i thoughg instead of posting weverytime we make a new film etc, ill make it more of a blog, so im gonna star blogging a bit more often with some things i get up to, and with the summer holidays here i should have a nice bit of stuff to talk about (hopefully). so here i go with my first post;

England just played their second match a few hours ago. what a good match it was. peter crouch he is a star (left). everybody mocked him for his height, the poor guy, i know what it feels like, i never doubted him for a second, the poor fella.

That england match made my day, went in a pub called upsteps in Oldham to watch it good atmosphere (and cheap) so was all good.

so thats it for footy, while im here i might aswell ask a little advise of you im thinking of painting my room within the next few weeks, my mum came home yesterday with new duvet covers. and i was thinkin what colours would look good with it. currently my room is near to pink coloured with a few bob stenciled flowers, haha, they were done a while befor eim,oved in to the atic (the atic is now my room). so now, onto what coulour i was thinkin about, i think i want it a light blue but im not quite sure. anyway, have a look and let us know what you think, i have experimented with a few different things but anyway here they are....

Ive got to say the pink one is growing on me, the lines on there represent the wall and ceiling, anyway boo to sweeden scoring their goal in the last minute, i hope england still come through.

thats it for today, Goodnight!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the lime green looks best.

Blogger Yonner said...

lime green or pink imo.

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Nahhh I think the 2nd one down on the left, the darker of the two blues. Although be sure not to get the colour too dark because it will darken your room quite a bit. Might make it look smaller too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, stop tryin 2 make urself sound well cleaver, every1 knows that bout makin the room smaller, also ur wrong the dark blue is shit an borin, lime green is a winner.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, i am aware that i spelt clever wrong!

Blogger Josho said...

and you are? to be fair, i dont think he was trying to be clever, he was just being nice and helpin me decide, there aint no need to causin trouble on here!

hmm, i think i will go for the lighty blue colour tho, very light blue not quite sure tho :D anyway, inabit!

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

What't the matter Anonymous, don't have the bollocks to post with your real name? Oh, and by the way, lime green will always be lime green; just wank. I'd like to see a photo of the colour of the paint on your wall because I'm pretty sure it'd be far from it.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dead4's Halo Flash Movie

Recently Dead4 (otherwise known as Dave Burke) has created a flash movie called Halo Marine Tales its basicly a spoof of the game halo, a well known game originaly for x-box (i think). We are honoured that TheOldhamBros has been given permissions to host and promote this movie. Dave used to live over here in Rochdale, but his parents had the brains to move over to Canada last summer, over there he'll never run out of things to do, one of the things he enjoys is makin flash movis, this is his first major movie, so enjoy! and comment!

Click here to view Halo Marine Tales.
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Anonymous Jamo said...

Haha this is a great movie. Well done dave, its good animation, this site seems to be going very well :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

proper boss, top music too matt whitham

Anonymous Anonymous said...

josh, you should make the primary link to newgrounds so people can vote.

hah, the only reason it's made front page is cos of my sexy black guy. I KID. it deserves front page. but fuck, 100k views? that's alot and it's only been up a few days.

- burl

Anonymous Smigers said...

Hey boys, tell you wot, av jus laughed my arse off at this. Its brill, tell that guy 'dead4' to keep that shit up MEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Ps. Lets BIKEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! lol