Friday, July 28, 2006

Goin on holiday

Well folks, I'm sorry to break this to you but I'm afraid even we have to take a break sometimes no matter how hard it is to believe. so yes its now official, today we are setting off to France, so my apologies but we probably wont be having any updates for a while now, we get back 2 weeks on the Sunday, however don't keep me lonely give us a text on +447932120491 and keep me company.

So yes The Oldham Bros are off to the sunny beaches of Brittany in France.

You may get an update at some point if there's a cyber cafe and i can be bothered or something like that, but I'm sure you can all wait 2 weeks!

Wish me well, Aurevoir!
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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

You should of taken a laptop and jacked onto some Frenchies AP like we used to do. Haha, just remembered that time when we walked around our estate looking for APs and Ad-Hocs and that guy saw us and jumped out from behind a bush with a camera and took photos of us like the paparatzie. So we walked up to him and 'he got told'. There's loads more AP's gone up round here since then, and it's all old folk that don't even know what securing means, let alone how to do it. We should do it again, cause some mischeif with peoples shit BT Voyager wireless routers (aka unsecured).


Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Black Hill Ride

Yesterday the bike riders took on the black hill in the peak district it was a tough ride, which lasted 10 hours, but it was well worth it here is the story of our trip.

We set off and met up at the Waggon in Newhey at 9am on Wednesday, and when everybody we set off up huddersfield road and we were already all completely knackered. but we soon caught our energy back as we passed a llama farm, and one in particular llama took a liking to us and wouldn't stop following us. we keep on going, and soon approached the black hill on terrain that you couldn't ride across so we ended up carrying our bikes most of the way. but finally after an hour of perseverance we got to the top and the hill's trig point warmly welcomed us (left).

After our dinner break we could not decide which route to take down from there on, and just flipped a coin and headed down a path which at first looked alright, but then it turned into the path of our nightmares, just miles of loose rocks, we didnt think that the name of the place "Laddow rocks" meant that the place was literally just made out of pure rocks, so on we traipse down the endless Pennine Way and see some lovely scenery,

Because of my obsession for trig points i forced the troops to drop the bikes n trek over a load of hills to get this trig point which must be the worst trig ever made, although it had a nice coat of fresh paint on it (right), which was quite cool, and after we touched it we headed off back to our bikes.

Crowden, a place which consisted of a youth hostel and a camp site, was in our sights now and we were all running out of water, so we stocked up at a nearby waterfall, and the water was quite good. we finally get there and then have just another 6 miles of road to go down before we reached the train station were we realized how sun burnt we all were, enjoyed the comfort of the floor and eventually set off home.

And there you have it that was our bike ride to the black hill, a very good day, but i do not think we shall be doin it again for a long time. a map will be produced soon for anybody stupid enough (ste :p) to try this route out for them selves.

Hope you enjoyed the story, byeee...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think the llama is the best looking out of you all !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

then u odviously want knocking out then


Well as most people now know i am a dedicated "Trigger", it is a sport that only the most manly people can have the privilege in participating in. i have mentioned trigging before but foe those of you who dont have a clue, read the next paragraph, those of you who already know what triggin is just skip the next paragraph.

So for those of you who don't have a clue what soever to what trigs actually are, basically they are concrete slabs in the ground, you usually find them on top of hills, they are other wise known as triangulation points/pillars which were first made in 1935, and help with the drawing of maps, so everything is accurate and to scale, etc. So trigging, is basically a sport made and the objective is to touch trig points in the uk, and with a little help from google earth and a website called to get all 6,282 of them isn't as hard as it sounds, i figured if a get 1 per day it will only take me 18 years to get every single one. there ain't many people who can say they have touched all the trig points in the uk.

Now we all know what trigs are lets begin. currently today i am at 16, i have started a pictures page where you can view all the trigs i have been to, and see how many i am currently at, make sure you keep checkin there to see how im doing!

click here to see how me and my trigs are doin.

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Anonymous mark said...


Jamo's Boff Award

Basically all this is about is Jamo gettin a boff award. Here he is being a boff....

so everyone now has to bully him, and that girl on the photo!

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Anonymous Mat Kirk said...

im gona twat him
- anonymous

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the girl in the pic is laura morrisey's little sis

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Josho's Partay

So there was a gathering in the back garden for my 17th birthday woohoo, it was buzzin, a few slight problems arose, like setting my garden on fire, and melting the electric cabling for my lights. and then these coppers came round as they had an annonymous complaint from some gay neigbour, who reconed we were being to loud, and i was stood there like "I swear officer i never seen it before!?" they soon left after i threatened to kick off with them, and then Smiv chipped matt whitham's tooth who is now known a goofy or Daggett etc. or whatever other names you want to call him. so in a nutshell it was a good night and you can see on the picture above a few of the people that were there. anyway, tis a sunny day, and im off out to enjoy it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sick party- matt whitham

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jamo's Ravin' Tune

For the past few days now Jamo has been working on a ravin' tune, and hes finaly finished it. this is a bit of a new thing to TheOldhamBros as we usually dont post mp3's but today is a different day. He put alot of effort into naming this song, and came out with the title "The Jamo Experience"

click here to listen to The Jamo Experience (Right click, Save As.. to download.)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fukin quality jamo

Anonymous Matty O said...

I cannot comment as am layin on t' ground an ma face is broken innit.
Matty O

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loooool MC Jamo chavvin it large :P

Sandbrook Meets The Oldham Bros

Last night The Oldham Bros went 10-pin bowling at Sandbrook Retail park, i would let you know the scores but i forgot to get a scoresheet, but rest asured we both owned the place with scores of well over a hundred. then we were let loose on the gambling machines and arcade games, in which Jamo found 20p on the floor which we put into the 10p machines and lost it but then he won £7 on the donkey races, and aloud us to own even more on all the other arcade games, here we are in action...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

please could you post the route you went on to get to Knowl Hill, therefore other people can try

Blogger Josho said...

the route has now been published CLICK HERE to go to the knowl hill post

Monday, July 17, 2006

Looking Back...

As we look back over the years of primary school, high school and the first year of college, we all have many tales to tell of the mischief we all caused, wheather it was stealing Mr Watson's door sign or bullying the homelessnessness. You can see the pictures and videos of holly high in the pics and movies sections if you havent already seen them.

so we all got to colelge which just amplified all our mischeif as it had no rules or restrictions, so in aid of these the good times here are a few pictures I have gathered showing the fun we had at college. (click to enlarge)

There you have it that about sums the year of college up.

Auf wiedersehen!
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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

I still have that door sign. Ahhh I remember the big deal people made when they found out it was me. Mr Watson found out and tried to bollock me and I was like 'prove it'. There was only two people knew I had it. You saw it on the way out when I showed you and Robert Aston that was my lookout on the corridor when we got kicked out of Biology (held in English) so I could unscrew all 8 screws from both of the signs without Mr Watson, who was sat inside, hearing us.

I then had to slide it into a secret pocket in my blazer so it went right down inside it to the bottom and the top had to be tooked under my armpit. 'Assistant Head Teacher' looks alot shorter on the wall than it does digging into your arm.

I just had to do something before I left that nobody else will have done before. Good times eh, good times.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Broken Bike :( and Trigging :)

The other day i broke my bike, I was in shaw doin some triggin' when as i was heading downhill my crank ring bent im not quite sure how it actually happened, but it did, so in an effort to get home i had to pick up a rock and smash it roughly back into place so i was able to roll back home, the next day when it was light again this is what it looked like (left)... (click to enlarge) that should cost me about £40 to fix, woohoo. but looking at the bright side we did get 2 trigs...

For those of you who don't have a clue what soever to what trigs actually are, basicly they are concrete slabs in the ground, you usually find them on top of hills, they are other wise known as triangulation points/pillars which were first made in 1935, and help with the drawing of maps, so everything is accurate and to scale, etc.

So trigging, is bsicly a sport made and the objective is to touch every trig point in the uk, and with a little help from google earth and a website called to get all 6,282 of them isnt as hard as it sounds, i figured if a get 1 per day it will only take me 18 years to get every single one. there aint many people who can say they have touched all the trig points in the uk. Im at 8 already and i started last monday so im well ahead of myself.

for the mean time here are a couple of in-action-trigging shots from the other night.

seeya, and wish me happy trigging!
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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

I also touched a trig yesterday. It was the only on the other side of that weer but further down the trail where the weer gets shallower. It's really steep from the side we took it at and by the looks of things, aside from ours, there were only trials bike tracks going up to it through some heather - no walkers tracks anyway.

When I can be bothered to get out of bed today (it's only 09:15 so gimme a break :P) I'll get Google Earth going on the PC and take a screenshot of where it is. You might have already been to that one, but I'll show you anyway.


P.S. Always thought those things were high point markers anyway. I know they have copper down the certer of them to conduct lightening but I never knew they were for old maps. MAD!

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Found it, it is this one...
Rishworth Moor TP5692 RIPPONDEN West Yorkshire SE003170

It's exactly 8km from us, in a straight line that is.

We come at it from the south near the M62, but it would probably be easier to come at it from the north on a pedal bike as the hill's not as demanding. Do you, Joshua Oldham, accept the challenge?


Blogger Josho said...

im already on benjo lad it soon as i get the chance im gonna be there and have the photo to prove it!

Anonymous Jamo said...

You know what i dont the fact that no one leaves comments! Whats all that about! Let me remind you that an amatuer flash movie is coming along.......

Saturday, July 15, 2006

GTA Meets The Oldham Bros

Yes i hear you all, and i hear the words, why havent you amde any videos for a while, and the answer to that question, is that im too lazy..

but summaer is here now, and i have a few ideas for some videos we can do, and jamo and his mates have put a teaser trailer together which was initially for some drama homework, but it could be taken further. its just about GTA really, itl be good when its done, be expecting alot more videos over the summer!

Click here to watch the GTA Teaser Trailer

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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Very nice Jamo, I especially liked the effort you put into the walk to make it more realistic. Nice work lads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good, i liked the end bit after the lad got shot. As you may or may not b aware, thre is in fact already a gta movie, and i believe u may be breaking copyright

Blogger Josho said...

ah well what a shame, however, i dont think there is a rule in copyright against naming your creations the same as somebody elses.

even so, id just kick off if any one tried to pull anything dodgy with copyright one me. so i think its safe to say, im safe from those laws.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Failed Bike Ride to Knowl Hill

Ok, its story time! (you can click the links for pictures)

On Monday us 5 bike riders set off on an adventure to Knowl Hill, so were on the way and get a bit lost, so took the opportunity to sit and eat our dinner, and matty squashed a poor little bug, Eventually my superior navigation skills, and in-brain-built GPS found us back on the right route again. As we are going along a huge thorn bush decides to attack me and scratched my arm, so i burnt it down n started a forest fire.

Now we start to climb up a nice 3 mile ascent, were we stop off for a group picture, and we had quite a nice view over Rochdale, and then cows in the opposite field started to get busy and we decided to move on as the cows were giving us aggrresive looks.

Further up the hill now and as we get closer to our destination, smiv's derailleur on his bike decided to snap off, gutted we turned round and had a good view of Rawtenstall and the rain heading towards us. we then had about 8 miles to travel with smivs bike non functional. but we head back nevertheless. took a long time, and we took a break, and matt n ben decided to go to some moshers house called claire n steal some crisps off her.

Home sweet home eventually gets close and the bike ride had failed.

Alas, you can rest assure, we WILL have you one day Knowl Hill....


upon request of the route i have put a map together of the route i remember taking, it may not be the easyest of maps to follow buit its here if you want to look at it, but first ill explain the key of it.

The big blue cross is where we started (my house, bottom right corner) and the red cross is where we had to turn round (top left corner) as the derailleur on smivs bike went. As you can see from the picture we were very close to knowl hill (middley left).

click the picture for the route (marked in red)

*WARNING* Image is VERY big and will take A LONG TIME TO LOAD but just bear with it and youl be fine.

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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Bike rider nublets. Never had a derailleur fall off mine! And my chain is 3/4 inches wider than yours! PWNT!

Hahaha ahhh I don't half talk some rubbish sometimes, makes me laugh at myself it does.


Anonymous mat kirk said...

in the picture of knowl hill, which hill is knowl hill, cos i see the red lumb, which i ran up like a pr0 gamer.

i love the picture of the forest fire josh, n i love bens face as hes eating crisps, just like a little boy

Blogger Josho said...

This is knowl hill (click here)

it comes from the term knoll which means a mound of somthing. :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

please could you post the route you went on to get to Knowl Hill, therefore other people can try

Blogger Josho said...

yes Anonymous i have posted the route so you can look at it now, but in the future, it is helpfull if you use a name to refer to you by!

thanksyou, let us know what you think of the route!


Anonymous Ste said...

cheers 4 postin the route i'll try it sum time, it's ste by thw way.

Blogger Josho said...

yo ste man, nice to see you have an interest, its a pretty good idea actually, ill have to start putting up routes when we do good rides again


Sunday, July 09, 2006

50th Elvis Partay

Last night the Oldham Bros went to a 50th birthday party of our scouse Aunties, it was an elvis party, so we went dressed nothing like elvis at all, there was a few there that made the effort. so as you may have guesed, there was an elvis impersonator dancin n singin (left), we were in some sort of fort near the wirral in liverpool, in a room that I couldnt even stand up in.

This place also happened to be a Elvis and The Beatles Museum, that contained realy interesting stuff like lifesize cutouts of elvis (see below)

It was an overall goodnight, despite the scouse accents, rain, wind, corny Elvis memorabilia, bad music and not so nice beer. infact it was such a good night that we both ended up taking loads of pictures of ourselves doing stupid poses, here they are... (Click To Enlarge)

(this one is a minter)

I recon i make a mint elvis, dont I? :D

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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Sounds like a load of laughs. Look better than the night I had anyway. Should have taken James Armstead, he loves Elvis. I don't.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bike Ride to Studley Pike

Yo, so the other day me n Ben Hep get on a bike ride, propper sunny n dead hot, over 30 degrees, anyway, so were goin along the pennine way and we took a few pictures i rec they were pretty good.

Then all of a sudden, when we were happily minding our own bussiness a massive lighting storm comes out of nowere n starts firing thunderbolts all over the hill's in the distance, pretty crazy, so heres a (non-edited) picture from the lighting storm.

(Your not aloud to look at the reflection in the stream on that pic)

anyway ye sothat was a bike ride, let us know if these are a bit too boring n ill make them more interesting if i can


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look so stupid haha imature or what !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a knob

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look cool ;)

Hahaaa NOT


Blogger Josho said...

i'd like to see you do better pictures than that ANONYMOUS!!

actually you probably could do better.

NOT haha

im such a funny guy

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hannah's Fish Died

today has been a sad day my sister hannah's fish named tiny died. It was due to the abuse and torment inflicted upon the poor thing, and also the lack of being fed.

He lived a good life did tim, his life-span almost reaching a year now, his life was changed round when my sister won him at a stall of some kind at a carnival, going from a plastic food bag into a glorious tank, that was never cleaned.

Poor tony is now buried in the back garden rotting away, maybe one day he will come back re-encarnated as another fish.

R.I.P Tommy


TheOldhamBros x x x

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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

I know it's mean, but I laughed at the end of that simply because of all the names you used.

I reckon you should go and win her a new one Josh, be the hero of a big brother you're meant to be...

...or something like that.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Its Over...

Yes its over no more world cup dreams for everyone, Rooney spoilt everthing for us on saturday, if only crouch was on since the beggining, that was the best we played the whole world cup, when rooney got sent off and we were down to 10 men. I hope everyone who owns a No.9 Rooney top will now burn them. and also im awaiting the assasination of CRonaldo...

Ah well theres always the Euro in 2 years or the EuroVision next year, just not quite the same is it?

so peter crouch got on, and everything changed, here are some celebratory pictures in aid of Crouches efforts:

Click here to see more of the crouch pics

You may have seen some of them in a Nuts mag or sumamt like that, i hear they are pretty big now.

i aint posted for well over a week and thought id just talk about england n stuff,

if you havent noticed up in the top left corner there is a box that lets you subscribe to us, so go sign up!

Rite im off to college, bye! and dont forget to comment!
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Anonymous Mat Kirk said...

them crouch pictures are mint.

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

I especially liked the wind mill one, that cracked me up some what.