Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trigging in Lincolnshire

well just got back from Lincoln camping, it was rather fun, i shared my tent with my bike, which got me 3 Trigs whilst i was there. they were all quite strange ones, not like any trigs you will find up in lancashire. They were in very silly places, one was in the middle of a field that you had to jump through hedges and stuff to get to, and the other ones were hidden in bushes, i had to guess where they were at by using my map, and push through the hedge in the hope it was there, n silly stuff like that. here are the trigs i got whilst i was away...

South Carlton

Till Bridge


Don't forget to keep track of me and my trig's by clicking here

well now I'm back and its time for some more adventures, back to college on Monday, can't wait (not) and some videos are on there way as well, just gotta try and take the time to edit them, maybe this sat...

oki, well I'm gone, bed time for me now, bye!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice bit o' triggin there josh....

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Crazy, as if they'd put it in a bush. I thought they were measurement markers for old map making? You can't make good maps when the trig is in a bush! Gay council.


Blogger Josho said...

at my best guess, the trig was not in the bush initially, but farmers who when divided their feilds up and stuff thought to them selves "if i put the trig in the bush, then it will not get in the way of farming" but some do keep it i nthe middle of the field and work around them.

thats my guess anyway, its either that, or some guy just wanted to make trigging fun, and like hide and seek. although there is emant to be a direct line of sight between trigs. so that wouldnt make sense!

well there you have it, dont tell me you havent learnt something new after youve read this!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Post About Burl

Wow! look its me to the left! spitting image, dont you think think (click to enlarge), this is somthing a guy called burl does. you just send him a picture of yourself and he comes back with something like this a couple of days later. hes very good at art, its the only thing that keeps him sane.

he charges 5 pound Sterling per head on the photograph, email him at with your request and photograph, expect a swift response, and he'll tell you to send the money via paypal to him depending on how many heads there are in the picture and stuff.

make sure you give him an email!

here are some other caricatures he has done, click HERE to see them.

Sticking with the subject of burl he got his first trig last night, waheyyyyyyy, go for it burl, here he is in all his glory

legend, bye!

P.S. this will be the last psot for a while coz im off camping for a few days now, MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT or else ill rip you legs off! grrr..... :)
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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Hahaha those pictures are really good. Great work Burlapsac! Is it only faces that you do Burl? You should sit in the middle of Manchester and draw pictures of excited Chinese visitors with their digi cams. Charge them £8,000 a piece, they won't know the difference. Woa co cha!


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Results Day

Today is a special day for those who care about their future career/life, so it didnt really concern me, however i still went in to collect my results nevertheless (out of curiosity). and to my surprise this is what i achieved:

I was quite surprised to say the least, especially when i looked at the next sheet, which shows me the individual marks of each paper, more closely which read this:

Yes apparently 1 B, 1 C, 2 D's and 1 E averages at a B! well im not complaining. Either some one has miscalculated or, they have a strange way of doin stuff. I remember computing was just the biggest yawn ever, everybody in the exam hall finished their exam with an hour to spare, and a C will do me for that, id say i did quite well for the effort i put in, i thought I were gonna get worse than that, not like i did as good as some people, who got all straight A's, the little boffs.

I have a good idea why dont you all comment below and congratulate me on how well i did, because commenting is a fun thing to do! rite? so get to it, click "post a comment" below, it is in bold white lettering and it is underlined, so you know, just go for it!
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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Pretty good results for A levels I must say, especially for maths since from what I've heard they're solid. Well done Josho. I would tell you my BTEC results but I don't want to make you all feel noobish - or the fact I'll become a bully victim :-D


Blogger Yonner said...

ha, nice choice of words in your opening lines. very funny. but yeah congratulations on your [under]achievement. You are destined for [sub]greatness I'm sure. I bet your mother is [sub]thrilled for you.

Blogger Josho said...

thankyou :)

Blogger burleigh said...

now yer must get ure arse in grear and get AAA for your final exams, beucase you could easily do it.

Anonymous Garlick said...

BOOOOOOOO! I got BCD and it was enough for me to get into Leeds XD Congrats Josh u lazy son bitch lol. Need some bike ride soon coz half the crew will be dispersing and i doubt we'll ever see smiv again. What with all them sheep AND jenny goin Wales.. fcukin el! Bangor will earn its name fo sho!

Garlick :D

Blogger Josho said...

i appreciate all of your enthusiasm yet again i am out of content to post, sorry everybody.

but im gad your all proud of my results, (i did work really hard for them)

sorry about lack of up to date content, bin a bit busy, n been forgetin to take pictures, and im off again toomrow in the morning, so there wont be posting for another week im afraid!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Crouch Top

Being the big crouch fan that i am i obviously have to have a footy shirt with crouch on however my t-shirt is not the usual, it has a 12 on the front and 21 on the back, as in a friendly England match someone got his numbers mixed up on his shirt when it was printed, and at the time it was all over the papers that crouch was in a professional match with a top that had been printed wrong, so when i asked for mine i told them to swap round the 21 on the front so it was a 12. some people may think it was a stupid idea but this guy didn't...

i was shocked to say the least when i first saw him, but i shook his hand and congratulated him, its good to see someone else who has taste every-once in a while. and if anybody else in the world has one of these tops id be happy to start a crouch fan's pictures page.

and for now, goodbye.
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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Woah what are the chances of that! Was he a Frenchy too? Also is the ginger French myth true - are there really no ginger French?


Blogger Josho said...

I would say the chances of that are very very slim and he was English, he told me he had never seen anyone else with that exact top on either, so ye very lucky i was to get that picture

and about ginger french, now you mention it, i dont recal seeing any gingers whilst i was there, so it may be true...

Anonymous mark said...

ha. nice pic

Monday, August 14, 2006

We're Back!

Hello everybody, long time no speak I can now gladly say... Yes The Oldham Bros are back off holiday! and so now were back to the usual posting, if i can get back into the routine. well now more about France, its a pretty bob country thats made out of fields bushes, and roads, no hills so no good for proper bike riding, however the weather is usually nice, but the sun just usually takes everything out of you and all you can do is lie down or relax swim n eat bread, so it was quite a relaxing 2 weeks.

I've picked out a few pictures to that are the better ones for you to look at below, but if you wanna see some more you can check these ones here in the pics section.

well there you havit! woohoo, welcome home me!
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Anonymous nik said...

omg jamo u smoke ???????

Blogger Josho said...


he tries