Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Yonner

Today is a very special day for a young man by the name of Mark Goodwin, its his birthday! Mark is our cousin and we have looked up to him for many years since we have been born, make sure to congradulate him on his 25th Birthday.

We have made a short video for him, showing him how much we care, click here to see the video.

Click here to go to his website's post about his birthday, and make sure you comment and tell him well done for makin 25 years and still bein alive or sumamt.

if you cant be bothered posting to his website coz you dont know him, you can either post it on this website or just do it anyway, for me :). pleeease.

cheers!, byee
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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Congratulated him before I saw the vid, minter video by the way, it must have taken you all of 7 minutes to make, hahaha. Thought that counts init!


Blogger Yonner said...

ha, this is cool.
but I'm 27 you dufus!

Blogger Josho said...

:D - fancy that!

Anonymous Smigers said...

No way haha! Well happy 27th then yonner and well dun on your website, n well dun for getting it wrong josho, later


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Looking For New Recruits

4 of the bike riders have been taken away from me; ben, smiv, matty n kyle have all been robbed, i feel empty inside last night we went down to the workin mens club in Milnrow because it was Smiv's last day, and as i am writing this post he is on his way to Bangor in North Wales. All 4 of them have fallen under the curse of Uni, but anyway, i thought id put a gallery together of all the good time we had when they were around.

CLICK HERE to view the gallery

Well I wish them all the best with their university courses.

But now thats over with, we need to solve the problem at hand, there are only 2 bike riders left! so its time to start recruiting, so if you have a bike or are interested in keep fit and are going to get a bike, well then send me an email, or leave a comment and tell me if you wish to join, with a means of contact like msn address or summat. i already know that Ste boden and Joe firth are interested, and so is burl, that 3 potential so far, so IS there anybody else out there, who wishes to participate!?!

i hope to hear from you soon, but for now its goodbye.
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Blogger burleigh said...

itll be a while before i get a bike, maybe i can get one for christmas...

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

The reason I never joined before was for two main reasons. The first is that I don't actually have a bike, but I think there are spares in the garage anyway. The second is I didn't think I could have kept up with the pace but since the majority have left now, I'd probably be interested in joining every now and then. After all, I did own Burl up Kiln Lane after not having touched a bike for years, remember that Burl?


Blogger burleigh said...

eh? i remember getting owned up kiln lane but that was by josh hmmmm

Anonymous Ste said...

I'll porb av 2 put up with a shit bike 4 a while till i get a new 1, fixed this 1 so that it works, sort of. just don't av all the gears

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Burl, you never made it up Kiln Lane...


Blogger Yonner said...

nice post. nice gallery. uni is evil.

Blogger Yonner said...

check this

Anonymous Smigers said...

Hey Josho, I must say the compilation of pics was close to bringing a tear to my eye. im missing the rides already (although there is sum mint potential up here if i pick my bike up in october - we'll see)

Well ye, tis gud n all but i need the CBR - Try n keep it goin Josh coz whenever this biker is on homeground hes gunna be up for sum prime trigging wiv sum jumpin thrown in.

Well ill keep in touch boys but if anyone wants me then they're best off using coz i check dat all the time (and that includes if the arsehole who wants to give bikers abuse has summat to say to smigers about riding all over his face after ive destroyed sum gay footpaths in wales wiv ma mint bike MEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Blogger Josho said...

the recruitsai think im at 7 new potentiol CBR's, atm smiv so who knows what itl be like when you get back, may have a whole new crew, any possibility of me goin down wales n doin some stuff wiv ya sometime soon you rec?


Anonymous Matty Garlick said...

*Sigh* Those were the days :) Many many fond memories, and dont worry.. its not like were dead.. There will be more though. Ive joined the biking society here at Leeds, but it will never be as friendly, good and generally awesome as CBR. Theres a tear in my eye.. Love you guys!

Norco - Garlick :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good housekeeping

Ever wondered how you can be the perfect wife, well i'm gonna let you in on the secrets (free of charge). well here is an actual real article cutting from 1955 telling you how to do so...

I found it rather funny, Now to all the ladies who have just read this, you can comment and tell me how thankful you all are for me posting this up here for you. :)
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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

I think I'll be waving that at Laura the next time she [i]tries[/i] to start something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

me too. this should be posted around the UK so that all thoose bitches and hoes dont go thinking they are superior to men!- matt whitham

Anonymous Garlick said...

That is awesome!!! Hahaha im gona print it off n give it rosie hahahaha!! I cant stop laughing!!

Blogger Josho said...

yep, dunno why they stopped makin articles like that personaly.

oh and btw just for _chipwiz_ben_ html uses ">" and "<" symbols for tags were as this isnt some n00blet phpbb forum :D


Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

phpBB owns j00.


Blogger Tom said...

I lol'd, and printed it out for my mum :D

Blogger Jenster said...

Just so you have a female comment.. to make this post fair..
what aload of poo!!
I believe wifes (wifes only.. not girlfriends or women in any other position) should please their husband and let them know they care for their husbands...
but that it wayyy to far.. that just states that men are big wimps and need a mother figure at all times to take care of them!! head of the house hold!! ha ha!!

one almighty saying that i believe..
men are the head of the house hold.. but the women are the neck.. and the neck can turn the head any way it wants...

Blogger Josho said...

ha, jenster, thats funny, however im not too sure about your saying:

"men are the head of the house hold.. but the women are the neck.. and the neck can turn the head any way it wants..."

doesnt the brain (which is in the head) control the neck which turns the head?

my opoint is the woman may thing she is in controll but she usually isnt! so ye, so i think when you read a bit more deeply into that saying it is a good one :)


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mat Kirk Written On A Piece Of Paper!!!

Wow Everybody Look! its mat kirk written on a piece of paper! it is now currently listed on eBay and is going very cheap a must buy!

Here is the item description:

* Expert calligraphy!!
* Hand-written
* luxurious black ink, pen courtesy of Argos!!
* 'Worn' effect!!
* Easy-reading!!
* Heavenly scent!!

The item you are watching is a piece of paper with the name 'Mat Kirk' ink-printed onto it. A perfect gift, for a friend or simply for self-indulgence!

"I'd recommend this item to anyone looking for a new way to relax, this item can be hung on a wall, placed on a mirror, kept in a wallet/purse, it is simply just remarkable!" - Mat Kirk

Thank you for reading, happy bidding!!

Well there you have it, now that you cant wait to get bidding CLICK HERE to get going!

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Blogger Josho said...

haha, i just looked at the lieting and it is now going for a whopping £51 pounds!! and the current high bidder is currently chipwiz_ben, who has been wretling with yonner mark for the high spot.

wow the exitment is so intense.!


Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

I won it, the novelty is in the feedback!


Friday, September 01, 2006

Conquered Knowl Hill

Yesterday had the worst forecast for the whole week but nevertheless it was a day of triumph for me and the other 5 bike riders, we set off at 11am in the rain, and headed up towards Watergrove reservoir near Wardle, where the rain seemed to die off for a little bit.

When all of a sudden, the curse of Knowl hill began to attack us, when kyle was sick all over the bridleway and Matty's chain got stuck and we had to take his whole chain system off to get it out, which lost us half an hour, but Smiv used this time wisely to find him self some jumps n stuff to do on his bike to do on his bike.

So after we passed through Healy dell this is where the bike ride REALLY began up to 2 and a half mile ascent rooley moor road, where we had a good view of the black smog clouds of death over Rochdale, that where just heading our way. on we trudge up this stupid hill and get to our first trig, hailstorm ridge (above left)

Now the rain kicks in a bit more, and visibility starts to close in and the best excitement we had was a pretty waterfall flowing with smelly bog water. next we head through a gate that someone warns us of whats ahead, but we trudge on despite the warnings.

It was now a matter of guess the direction we are supposed to be heading as now the fog was very think now, and we couldn't see 10m in front of us, and just to add to the really nice weather conditions, kyle gets cramp in his calf and couldn't move it and Smiv's seat snaps off his bike for absolute no reason at all, and I started to wonder if we would ever get round to Knowl hill..but the second trig (right) makes up for it all which very hard to locate because of the fog.

Whitham as per usual makes his classic whitham fall, and looses his shoe to a very deep bog, which took us a while to fish out, but we got it in the end, what a fool, next time he best make sure he throws his whole body in there and not just his shoe.

finaly after some good navigation we get to knowl hill and bag our self the third and last trig (left) of the day. at which point we are relieved and drop down in to greenbooth reservoir which was closed, and we had to scale up a few cliff faces with our bikes and stuff, but nothing to strenuous. by which point i think my camera seized up or summat from the condensation, so i don't have any more pictures from this point so ill come to a close

evetually into milnrow, shower and tea, then to the back waggon in milnrow, for a few where Ben won £15 on a raffle, and we all stumbled home hoping our legs wouldnt just snap off on the way back.

twas a good day, and we sure showed that blasted knowl hill who was boss! and with that i say good bye!
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Anonymous Mat Kirk said...

nice one

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Bet that was a relief when you got to it. Then you turned around and saw the weather you had to ride back through. Pwnt!

Haha, well done fellas.


Anonymous Garlick said...

Minnnnnt! What a mint bike ride! Id prob say that was the ebst one ive ever been on, and with the full CBRs how could we fail? Sure Mt Doom had a pop at Smiv.. AGAIN but all in all it was a total success :D And another 2/3 Trigs to our names :)

Anonymous Stottwanger said...

Sick un!! That was definately the best bike ride I've been on, top effort! Bring on the next one, less the cramp and the sick

Blogger Josho said...

you are both correct, i think the term you may be searching for in your comments is "knowl hill got owned!"

Anonymous Smigers said...

What a crazy day, lets do it again MEEEEEEEEH!!!!! You'll all be pleased that the 'Curse' didnt get me too bad and that the seat pin has bin fixed (FOR NOW) God only knows what will go next :-(

Neways, another good post Josh and
full of lafs,

Keep It Up!!!!

Ps. Just to correct Josh 'Knowl hill got "ABSOLUTELY SPLENDIDLY WHEELIE TO THE FACE" owned' Lol What a ride!!!! Until next time, ADIOS!!!

Blogger Josho said...

you sed it smiv laadz

Anonymous mark g said...

ha nice pics and story etc.
looked fun in a NOT-FUN kind of way

Anonymous HeWho HeWho said...

Wonderful! How many more footpaths and stretches of moorland are you and similar minded wankers going to wreck with your bikes before everywhere is totally f?*k$D or you get smacked in the gob by someone for being a bunch of total arseholes!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg u freak, get a life u little sheep shagger, u obviously av no social life at all an just sit at home on ur computer all day. ur probably sum fat, greasy, drippin with sweat fuckin geek! av u eva thought that u prob do more damage with ur fat fuck feet to the enviroment than any bike would! GET A LIFE!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh and by the way, well done for conquering knowl hill

Blogger Josho said...

well if you really must kno, we do stick to bridelways whih are completely cycling permited, if you wish to see the map of our bridleway route, no worrys, i will send it you.

thanks for the enthusiasm nevertheless! untill next time pal!

bye x

Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha. if tht gay comment was left as a joke, well done mate ur a funny guy. if not, step up cunty. we dont do out to the countyside but admire it by being out there. not wanking over ip adresses or html codes. goon - matt whitham

Blogger Jenster said...

there any trigs near us?? bet thers loads!!!
so ya betta get a move on and get ur butt ova here

Anonymous Jonny said...

Yep I agree with the curse of the hill. I've gone through 3 chains and 2 breakfasts on the climb! I WON'T BE BEATEN...(well, unless the right offer comes by lol)