Thursday, October 26, 2006

Boring Post

Thought i would Update you with a boring post now, as most of you may have realized now the summer holidays have ended i dont do much anymore, hence the lack of posts to the site! however it's the half term break now from college and we played football in the rain today with a few crew members. I scored a hattrick n Jamo scored a double hattrick which made him the top goal scorer of the match, and he were the youngest there, which is sumamt to be proud of, well done Jamo.

Anyway as you can see the picture on the left shows me getting another trig, which i walked too during college time with mat kirk, you know mat kirk from previous posts such as "Mat Kirk Written On A Piece Of Paper!!!" it is his first trig that he has gotten with me, and we look very gay in the picture, but i assure you i am not.

And you know what this means, it means I am now one trig away from reaching the great number 30 then I will only have 6, 252 to go woo hoo, mite have to throw a trig party :), however i fear i may be the only person to turn up, haha.. anybody interested...?
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Blogger Susan said...

ha. saddo

Anonymous yonner said...

whoops that last post was me

Blogger Smigers said...

Hey men

Nice to see uve left a post. Were gunna have to get u doing sum stuff coz ure site is my startup page n i need summat interesting to read lol. ill make sure u get sum material when were back for xmas whatever that may be.
Nice to see ure still keeping the triggin up and even nicer to see mat kirk havin a crack (although i cant help but remember him skittin us lot for our biking lol). I have got 2 trigs whilst being here but now with the help of my bike i hope to get many more
Neways, catcha later mate n try 2 let me know if any new recuits have turned out to be any good


Blogger Josho said...

how do smiv (dont worry i deleted your other comments for you) ye shud have some more stuff to put up here soon, maybe, gotta get thinkin tho, n the weather is crap atm, always rainin, so i cant take my camera outside anyway :( nvm, as far a srecruits i hav'nt really bothered goin out with any of em yet, however, jake schofield is good at it, he never stops, he just needs some downhill training.

anyways, see ya soon :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Our Myspace

We now have a myspace which is still under construction but I thought since i ain't posted for a while id just let you know the address find our myspace at this address: (nice and easy to remember)

So next time i log on i expect lots off new friend requests and after i have accepted, i then expect lots of comments, I'm not a great fan of myspace but don't really have an option about getting one, gotta keep up to date in these days of ever so vastly advancing internet.

I hope to have some better stuff up soon :)

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Anonymous yonner said...