Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Hope everybody gets all the presents they want n got lots of presents for people for christmas day, and i hope everyone has lots of fun getting fat and drunk n whatever other weird things you all do this Christmas.

make sure your all in bed by 12 tonight or santa wont be gettin you anthing!
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Anonymous yonner said...

tee hee

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Video!

One week until Christmas now! can't wait! We have been working hard on a little Christmas movie for this year, which is made up of lots of film that has been took from up to 5 years ago and some more recent, of stuff we have been up to and that sort of stuff. any way


To your left is a little something you could use as your desktop if you are really sad, i think its pretty cool so i may set it as my desktop, i am not sad, honest.

so time for some more decorations from up and around Milnrow, and today's contestants are...

Matt Whithams House situated on Bent Gate Street, he thinks he stands a chance with his entry scoring a poor 5/10, however it is a good attempt but just not good enough to beat some of the other lights in Milnrow, thanks for trying Matt!
Oldham Shopping Center "Spindles" has a really gotten into the festive spirit this year, once again outdoing themselves by using traditional polar bears and Santa's little walrus, (sarcasm). I don't think Oldham are aloud to be festive or celebrate Christmas in any way or it will just get bombed by the al qaeda or something. even though its a good display, becasue it just does not represent any form of traditional Christmas stuff it scores 1/10.

hope your all keeping up with your advent calendars! 1 week to go woooooo, byeee
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Blogger Yonner said...

ha, very entertaining!

The Oldham Bros Sister's Birthday

Our sister is 11 today, woo good for her! here she is with her cake...

So everyone say happy birthday to her and give her presents!
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Anonymous Mat Kirk said...

how amusing how theres only 6 candles.

Anonymous hannah said...

haha matt funny i fink i luk kwl xx

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fancy Dress

On Friday night we went to a fancy dress party and went as some really cool people, lets see if you can guess who we went as...

In case your a bit silly and are unable to guess who we were, that, ill tell you, Josho is Lurch & Jamo is Pugsley, and if your even more silly and don't even know who they are then they are from the tv series named "The Addam's Family"

Well now, I'm very tired so i'm gonna get some sleep, byeee

Only 1 week and 1 day to go!! wooo
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Blogger Yonner said...


Friday, December 15, 2006

More Christmas Decorations!

My Internets been playing up recently so its been quite the pain not being able to show you all the best Christmas lights around town, so now i'm gonna have to show you 3 different ones. to make up for the time Ive lost

In First place we have Hurstead Rd, Milnrow, with some stupidly mad lights. scoring 9.5/10

In Second place we have Slaidburn Close, Milnrow, with a giant snowman and a blowup "crystal ball" type thing which snowed inside its self on top of the little Santa and snowman inside, it was magic, wow. very good but not quite it 6.5/10

And in last Place today we have Shaw's pride and joy, the pathetic excuse of a village Christmas tree... and it was raining. scoring big fat 0/10

well there you have it, if you live near Shaw and haven't seen this tree yet, i highly recommend going seeing it for yourself, as it is much funnier in real life.

and today my cousin's fiance Hannah suggested straightening my hair, n so i sed ye why not, itl be fun. so it looks cool, however i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow.

but anyway here i am first with my long normal hair and 5 chins,

With straightened hair...

dont i look so cool, i think its a new look for me, soo goood! chow!
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Blogger Yonner said...

uncle ronnie pwns this post

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we prefer curly hair on you :P

but not curly chins

so yeah much loveage

rach rosie zoe sarah and laura

Blogger Josho said...

cool ill bear that in mind rach rosie zoe sarah and laura, whomever rach, rosie zoe, sarah and laura you maybe?!!


Blogger art, life, clothes and things said...

curly hair is best , ciao :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Curly is best, ciao :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Decorations of the 2nd day

So here we are again, and the winner today is this well decorated house complete with more or less evrything you could think about related to santa, it is just accross the road from my house, and lights up the street at night. i think this house gets a score of 8.5/10. I'm still searching for a 10/10 christmas decoration i know i will find it soon. but well done Cleveland Drive, you are todays winner!

if you wish to enter email - josholdham *at* gmail *dot* com - with your entry.

1 week and 6 days to go!!

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Anonymous Matty Garlick said...

Why you do the gay thing with your email? Sorry Josho, its not gay :) You shoulda seen ma next door neighbours.. their attempt was dogsh*t, their icicle lights only 1 section worked n had no tree. Now they have coloured lights on tree and new icicle lights.. fair play to em :)

Blogger Yonner said...

hi josh
maybe now you'll stop trig hunting and start christmas decoration hunting?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Deco Of The Day

Rite now its time to take pictures of all the wonderful Christmas decorations up and around Greater Manchester, so i'm gonna Be taking my camera round and showing you the best Christmas decorations and lights etc of my day.

And today i begin with Oldham Sixth Form's well decorated reception desk which uses the constructive idea of using toilet paper, to create a snow effect and people such as my pal mat kirk were at a lack of toilet paper in the college toilets due to this, unlucky! however the tree is quite impressive...

and so Oldham Sixth Form wins the Christmas decoration of the day. well done!

if you wish to enter your house in "Christmas decorations of the day" then email me josholdham *AT* gmail *dot* com (btw i have wrote it like that to prevent spam)

2 weeks to go! ho ho ho, cheerio!
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Blogger Yonner said...

josh, you need to stand in shot on this photos with your thumbs up or something

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chistmas Begins

well well look at the time of year, its only 19 more days now till Christmas, so i decided ill have to do something special, I'm gonna post more than usual now. when you see that Milnrow has made the effort this year with its lights, and Shaw has made an extra special effort with its wonderful Christmas tree, i feel compelled to make even more of an effort. so I'm gonna be takin silly pictures of things i see related to Christmas n stuff, n put them up here, also i think ill have a new video made for you at some point AND EVEN ill show you what we got on Christmas day! i bet you cant wait to see that, it will be amazing...

so now to get into the real Christmas spirit here is a little nativity video that i found rather funny, its from the 1960's.

I hope everyone has all their presents sorted for this crimbo, because i haven't! see ya.
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Blogger Yonner said...

tee hee