Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ye Pancake Day

Yeyyyy, its actually a day that people look forward too, and so we all should, its pancake day, and whats better than a good ol' ye pancake on ye ol' rainy day? pancake Tuesday, what a brilliant invention, god bless god, for inventing Christianity and therefore inventing such o ye day like ye Christmas, Easter, pancake day and whatever other days there are if there are any

To the left is one of the dishes i prepared for my self for my tea today, i call it "ye ol pancake o' ye bananan an' ye ice-cream" ill teach you how to make one for your very own self below:


make ye pancake, put ye pancake on ye plate, get ye knife, cut ye bananana, put ye bananana on ye pancake, get ye ice-cream, place ye ice cream on ye pancake, fold ye pancake into ye edible shape, eat ye pancake, lick up ye mess, and ye enjoy!

there you have "ye ol pancake o' ye bananan an' ye ice-cream"

boy i can't wait till national book day! just one more question i leave ye with before thou ist to leave, please leave ye answer in thout comments....

Thou find ye self at ye grassy crossroads, thouest see-est thine wooden sign, thine sign sayeth the village o Westerberg lieth east, thee thinkly thuckuled woods lieth to ye east, an to thy north liest thou art ye ol monastery, what dost thoust do?

10 points for the correct answer!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Smigers said...

One would take his person to the woods and findeth the sickest of thee trails of thine wood. Thou would then proceed to ride all of the liveth longeth dayeth on berms and thine righteous drop-offs. Following this thou would taketh thee bike to thine lowly village of Westerburg and defeat the dark lord through major essence of wheelyage. Following the triumph thou would go yondeth back to thine monsatary and seek a place to rest thine head and polish thine bike.....the end

Blogger Smigers said...

ps. Like the post on pancakes....i had some today and they were gorgeous hehe


Anonymous ye old ste said...

Thou hast cast a darkly provocation upon thine thinking box. The brustle of witchcrafthly wind blows to west! I take my compass from thine head, and marketh the path to the east, not before i take the wooded sign for thine own pleasure. as i walk under the green pillow, it's supports entangle demons of the shadows, i use mine cunning to climb upon thy pillow of green and float to the wooded end. As thou prances along the cloud thy see-eth the gallows of the heathens in the not short close, and i laugh, as whom but a fool would thred to thine monastary! As i reach the end of wood, the cloud begins to turn as dark as an ox in spring. thou hast to find a suitable hood, to hide from the gaze of an angry god. upon a brook there lies a cavern, where upon which i enter.......... as the God lowers his tempetious nature, the warm globe begins to shine. i head upon the path to Westerberg, and buy some fruit divine. i aslo exchange some yellow disks for sum shapely bread and butter, and go to ye old inn, where i meet the local nutter. he-eth whine and strive upon some provocation of his, till i calm him with a piece of bread, i then leave the inn, and head to home, where i transform into a duck, and fly through yonder window

Blogger Yonner said...

ye is gross

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yum yum bosy i bet it was yumey in yur tumey kaye jenkinsk

Blogger Josho said...

it sure was yummy kaye, and what ar eyou doing up at half past 10 at night, its wey past ur bedtime, get to bed, for those seeking out the answer to the riddle, all will be revealed in the next post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

get the trig there is the answear i rek-whitham

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bring On The Peaks

Last year we went on a bike ride which took us from Milnrow all the way to Castleton in the peak district in total we traveled just short of 50 miles, it was a day of pain and the weather wasn't with us either, so luck wasn't really on our side, we were reassured of this later on when one riders tyre exploded and his rim buckled which meant we had to find the closest bike shop to get it repaired, we got there in the end though. and it was so good we booked the B'n'B for this year aswell. and this time we will be taking a different route, and bagging hopefully 4 trigs! how good is that!

The trip will commence on April 3rd which is 47 days or 4 060 800 seconds away from this day, hopefully the sun will be shining and nothing will go wrong! anyway in aid of how good it was last year i put up a little gallery of some pictures from last years trip, you should go check them out coz they are like totaly cool.

Click here to look at the gallery

In the mean time, wooo bring on the peaks!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet that was fun joch did yo have a god tim from kaye jenkins

Blogger Josho said...

yup it was fun!

Blogger Smigers said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey....bring it on...ive ridden the beast that will help me conquer the peaks now...its a beast and will swallow any peak of the peaks....meh!!! Ps. To back Josh up....last year was flippin mint!!! Lets just hope this year is just as much fun

Blogger Adam said...

i'd fucking love to come.

*waits for somebody to comment on how shit i am of a rider, and how my bike might as well be thrown into the scrap*

which is true but still. i might ask whitham if i could lend his 2nd one.

- burl

Blogger Josho said...

ams second bike isnt a hire bike its a spare for him to use so that his more expensive one dont get robbed, haha i duobt hed let u ride it, u wunt be such a shit rider if you bought a half decent bike which you can get for £400 easy from ebay, and actually went out on it with us when we asked, instead of cryin n sayin "i canne be arsed" u girl, any way, too lat enow u cant come this year, maybe next year tho if u buck up ur ideas!

cheers for the comments dudes!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went out pretty much any time you asked. the times i didnt was because i hated being shit with a hard to use shit bike.

- adam

Blogger Josho said...

well get a good one then an' ye may join ye bike riders!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

burl. my bike is not for you to ride. i would hire it to you if u wanted to come on a ride. it only cost me 360 so why dnt u buy a good second hand one off ebay instead of whingin about urs. sell ur pc an graphics tablet an ull be able to afford one for sure. matt whitham

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Did you know the first ever recorded Valentines Day took place in 1380, when an English Writer named Geoffrey Chaucer decided to link it with some saint's day which was to do with choosing your sweetheart? I'm sure everyone cares so much and your all just like WOW at the moment. so make sure you enjoy the 627th ever recorded Valentines Day!

Because im so romantic, for all the ladies out there I have written a poem...

Roses are blue,
Violets are red,
I am so cool,
And as for you I simply cannot say the same thing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

happe valntims day boys I hop yo like this mesij fom kaye

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahah u trully funny guy. - matt whitham

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tom Foolery

Went out on my bike again today with my good pal matthew whitham, and of course dind't really do much constructive with our day except fool about and take stupid pictures as you can see...

One of these days ill start doing something constructive with my life, im not quite sure what tho. any suggestions?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

kill youself thats constructive

Blogger Josho said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yow ar silley boy

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiy is kaye heyer yo ar a sille boy say hiy to hanar and jams for me and yor mum and dad to god bles josho from kaye jenkins

Blogger Josho said...

:) thanks kaye, and everyone says hello back!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

We Want Snow!

Im sick of it not snowing properly, Im sick of the weather never being right, it was meant to be heavily snowing this week, and i was well lookin forward to it, and it didn't even snow. So today i went out on my bike coz i was bored and i got to a hill and what did i find but a track that was completely blocked by snow and it were dead good so i took a picture of me and my bike in it, and then thought id take some other silly pictures, then i went and got my brother and we messed around in the snow some more, eee it was fun.

So basically now this is a post about snow, because obviously the Internet can affect the weather, and the more times i mention snow and every body else does online, the more its gonna snow! Last year we had our day of snow on 12th April, so keep saying the word snow all that time so that itl snow again, around the same time too, so remember this months word = snow!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Yonner said...

here is a poem from winnie the pooh

The more it snows
(Tiddly Pom)
The more it goes
(Tiddly Pom)
The more it goes
(Tiddly Pom)
On snowing.

Monday, February 05, 2007

New Bike, Woo!

Well what can i say except woooooooo!? ive just spent about 450 squid on my bike gettin a new frame seatpost, grips, ceramic brake pads and a few other things. you can see me in this cool picture on the left me in my new gear on the new bike (click to enlarge). How good? i think the answer is well mintly good!

so when i got home from collegetoday at about 1:30 i went out on me bike on a little test ride, n entertaining myself for 3 hours takin pictures of it, n so ive just got home like n made a little gallery for you to look at.

Click Here to view the gallery of my New Bike

and whilst your here and your all like "WOWOMFGLMAOROFLOL" you may as well look at some more pr0 pics of me on the bike, so here you go (click to enlarge)

And this is one i drew for no reason, when i got bored, (its of my old bike but its relevant to the post sorta) i like it...
hope you like, and i know your all dying to comment on how cool my new bike is!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool bike

Blogger Yonner said...

nice one josh. like the gallery. didn't know you could take good photos like that. happy bike day!

Blogger Josho said...