Monday, March 26, 2007

First Bike Ride Of 07!

woo, finally, as i have got my new bike the other month i have not had chance to test it out because no one is ever available to go on rides coz of uni. stupid place. but alas i final did get a chance to test it out, and it was sure tested, definitely one of the best bike rides ive been on, which included one of the best down hill stretches, the steepest uphill stretches ive been on, the weather was brilliant, i think i even got sunburnt but im to tired to find out now. well good!

So ye thats us at the white house pub at the top of Blackstone edge, your probably wondering what on earth the pants/shorts are that i am wearing, and the truth is i don't know, all i know is they look funny. agree? of course! anyway, the story goes as follows:

My tyre had already popped, then kyle's inner tube popped also, which took him about 6 years to fix, i jumped in a peat bog ,then smiv fell off his bike, then mattys inner tube popped, kyle is still fixing his bike, then we went and looked upon all the dyke's who live in hebden bridge, then we went up a ridiculously steep hill, kyle is still fixing his bike, then wooo, we got a trigpoint, then went down some well good downhill, and came home down the canal through littleborough kyle is still fixing his bike, then we came home and eat alot of food. END!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

which way did u go up, up the old road or the new one? i go up there every time i go work, that fuckin hill is a prick lol - ste

Anonymous Matty Garlick said...

What a bike ride it was. Best one in a long time. A maaaassive tests of fitness and endurance, and also revealed the knob-ness of Josh, who insisted we ride up Mt Everest to get a trig. However a great sense of achievment at the end. Cheers Josh :)

Well done us :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LAAATTTTEEEEEE!!!!!!! you are my hero 2 josh, I think you a very talented young boy, if only you did ur homework you could be the next Pythagoras, you could become the number ONEEEEEEEEEE!!!! in the class and replace my lovechild waquas!
yours mathematically
Dr Andrew john Preston

Blogger Josho said...

:D cheers matty

Ste man! dont you work at that place at the bottom of blackstonedge, n you go up the hill at rakewood farm? but anyway this is the hill we went up near hebden bridge >CLICK HERE to see it.

just as a bit of a comparison, i think this is the hill you are going on about. the one near the back of the lake? however i may be wrong, but here it is anyway... CLICK HERE to see that one.

hows your bike for condition ste, thought you sed it was broke, or is it fixed now, lookin at some rides this easter, ill give you a ring, if we get some decent weather n that.

and its good to know im ur hero Dr Andrew Preston, as im very sure it is the real person posting not martin or some other fool posing. good to know im ur hero, my mum cant wait to speak to you at parents evening!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ye, ma bike's fixed now, i av 2 go up 2 the whitehouse, then round to the side to get to work. ye sure give us a ring if ur goin on one. -ste

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wer yu tiyerd joch and therstey i happy eastr from the jenkins
kaye jenkins

Blogger Smigers said...

How funny do I look in a ditch, that were jus silly, that were one immense downhill tho, as josh says, one of the best ever and i fully agree. My new bike is performing better than i ever could have imagined (aside from the weight factor) despite me actually plummeting from my bike a total of 3 times that ride haha.

It has to be said though, I will destroy josh if he ever takes us up a hill like that again, no matter how promising the DH on the other side, ill quote garlick in saying thanks for the challenge buts its one of those once in a life time challenges, never to be repeated lmao.

Anyways, av already said too much but wotta ace ride and a mint post again josho "....and kyle is still fixing his bike....."


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vallas & Wales

As everybody in the world knows Jamo is a band called Vallas. but what everybody doesn't know is that now he isn't in it any more! he played his last gig last night at the Milnrow working mens club, for an 18th birthday party. aww what a shame, no more Vallas for Jamo :( . So that was what happened last night!

But then becasue the fool booked himself on a weekend away holiday, and he was meant to be going yesterday afternoon, but he was meant to be playing the drums in his band! he didn't go to his weekend away, he played drums instead!, now thats commitment!

however thats not the end of the story, he didn't cancel his holiday, he just had our father drive him to wales, which meant getting up at 4am in the morning, driving him to wales eating a delicious breakfast of spaghetti hoops, bacon and fried bread. on the way i saw a sunset which is something you rarely see as your always in bed at this time, it was a pretty sunset. I also discovered that the car wing mirrors needed cleaning.

wow wasn't that a fun journey, NOT, i also took a few pictures of the scenery in wales, only one word describes it...

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Blogger Yonner said...

ha, you clown. its sunRISE not sunSET

Blogger Josho said...

haha, ohhh yeahhh, i forgot about that one, you know what i meant anyway! so its riiiiiiite!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

They Rock!

Thats right its Boff Award No. 2 for Jamo! he recently took part in some lame music competition and probably won or somthing like that, and rochdale observer felt really creative with their two word slogan of "We Rock" (see pic). They, like, really do rock man!

so as far as my family appearances in the newspaper goes its:

Jamo - 2
Pastor Johno - 1
Yonner - to many times to count
Josho - 0

Hmm, i wonder why i have not been in the paper, well i probably have at one point, because of some super cool swimming award thing when i was 8 or something, you know the sort of stories that get published when they have had a really boring news week.

i mite go blow up some stuff, n confess, that would maybe get my face in the Rochdale observer, unless they were to busy putting people winning music festivals in there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yu rock jhoch all nit long kaye jenkins

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wat a but me joche kaye jenkinsk

Blogger Josho said...

yes im sure you rock too kaye, however its james who rocks not me and you spell my name "Josh" not "joche" !

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good Old Paddy

Eee, good old patrick, the irish are funny especially drunk Irish people when you cant tell what they are saying even more so then when they arnt drunk in the first place.

so i robbed a load of badges that, completely describe me in every way possible (left, click to enlarge) its night again, and im very tired, and its mothers day in the morning when i get up, this weekend is just silly really, red nose day, St. Patrick's day & mothers day! talk about craziness man!.

Guinness rules!

yawn, im tired, i would tell you about how Patrick got himself a day named after him but i cant be bothered!

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Blogger Smigers said...

How lazy are you Josh....n theres me wantin a fab essay bowt the man himself.....the guy who has a day of drinking dedicated to him haha. Sort burl owt wud ya....wotta gay. Ure darn rite bowt everythin being at the same time tho. My mums bday were earlier this week, then mothers day, then i decided to buy my easter eggs skint.....laaaadz....ahh well....EASTER HOLS COMMENCIN FRIDAY N ALL THE RIDES I CAN EAT!!! LAAAADZ

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yu not lazy josh your hansom and fun and good fun to be with kj

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Red Nose Day!

Yeah, red nose day has just been and gone, and here i am at 3 in the mornin posting this message, and that stupid picture is what i do when im tired. and im flippin knackered, some of the stuff they do for comic relief is just too funny, i was in tears at one point with laughter (at harry hill's best of TV burp) , what a brilliant show!

But yeah, my mum got me a nose, and this year they went all out designing them, they are brilliant! they come in a little box and when you open them they expand in size, and you even get a free piece of chocolate and some stickers with it, you can see what my nose looked like on the left.

hmm, comic relief is good, i hope you all have donated money! click here to go to the Red Nose Day website and donate something, it really does go to a good cause you know!

anyway i am tired and disappointed that no one turned up to The Oldham Bros 1 year old party last night! :( - so now im gonna go bed, night!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sphlarghahkjwaehjsad first comment. - burl.

p.s i wish all these celebrities would just donate their own money rather than doing a public charity fund or something.

Blogger Josho said...

you fool, "these celebrities" donate alot more than you, you idiot. they donate their money and their time to go out of their way to make a good night happen and they dont get paid to do it, so don't moan about them. what did you do for red nose day burl?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

he decided to be a big red faggot for his life. exept not a red one. them celebs donate a lot of money burl and with out them helpin the show no one would watch it or donate.- matt whitham

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

1 Year Old Today

Happy birthday to us! it was a year today that the first post was made to The Oldham Bros, how exiting is that!? Its now 11:30pm and ive only just sort of remembered so i don't really have a picture or anything special, so for now this is the post just to let you know that we are now 1 year old wow!

However I am gonna try to get something special done, and it should be up for Friday, and by the way if anyone is interested, tomorrow (Thursday 15th March), we will be having a party at our house if anyone is interested in coming, all are welcome, most of you know where we live, so feel free to come round tomorrow and have a party.

We will be starting at from about 7 o clock onwards, see you there!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday i hope you have a great day with lots of nice presents.
Kaye jenkinsk

Blogger Yonner said...

happy birthday indeed. Now get your blog off blogger and onto something decent.

Blogger Josho said...

i think thats a job for a boring rainy day in the summer holidays!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Joe Firth is 18

Yes! its true, he is, Joe is a good pal of mine we've known each other since we were 4, so thats 14 years I've known him for now. and its been a good 14 years, so the other night a few of us went out to celebrate with him, it was a good night. there is the 7 of us and thats Joe in the middle (above me).

Isn't that interesting, i wish i was 18 its not fair, i am one of the youngest people in my year, stupid 28th of July, that when i have to wait till! pff, any way, everybody say happy birthday to Joe in the comments :)

bye wow an update finally!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy buftay kAYE JENKINS

Anonymous Anonymous said...

jonny b looks like a rite chimp.hahahaha. good nite. kaye jenkins cant spell for her life. -matt whitham (the fine gentleman next to booya)

Blogger Adam said...

josh i thought you said you had more pictures up? only the 1, bah. still a good pic tho

Friday, March 02, 2007

Sick Guy.

Yes it is true James is well and truly a sick guy, and earlier on this week so was i. i think there is summat going round so everyone have their wits about them, and ready to conquer any form of illness that approaches them. and don't go near jamo for a few years just to be on the safe side.

Tip of the day: trust nothing and no-one, you never know who is just going to spread an illness to you.

Germs... arrrrrghhhh there all over me! HELPPPPafapi[n fnin'2';2m4y 24[4.........
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yu por boy james was a mater whith yu get beter son jamse love kaye jenkins

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so much for pwning in your virtual gun battle with josh, you just got pwnt in real life. -burl

We Owned!

We Owned Lazor Quest the other night, no questions asked ,no comments commented, no nonsense,

Not to mention obliterated score of the day! any way enough bigheadedness, well anyway ye it was pretty fun actually, if anyone wishes to challenge me for the reigning score of the year id be perfectly happy with it, (not really score of the year). but ye, dont think either of us have played laser quest for like 2 years now, dead fun game, mite have to do it again sometime.

Any way some of you may be wondering what the answer to the riddle was in the last post, well the answer is quite simple really, it is...

"get ye flask" of course is the answer, only a true homestarrunner fan would know the answer, and if you dont know what im talkin about then you should definitely visit it is a mint website, and incase "get ye flask" did not make sense to you at all, and you have a spare 2 hours on your hands, and have a very high level of tolerance and will power, you should visit the game that it is off... dungeon master 3

but as far as the 10 points are concerned, for effort i will give them to "ye old ste"

but alas the other answers will not go unrewarded all will be revealed soon, im thinkin of doin an oldhambros magazine for the laugh, mite be quite funny actually, but its a secret for now so dont tell anyone! shhhhh.....

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Blogger Jamo said...

Yep, that was a good day and a good game...and i would of gotten 1000 points if it werent for you medlin kids

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like it how hannah came last. hahaha. females for ya- whitham

Blogger Adam said...

yeah i reckons we get a lazer crew going on some time so i can pwn some noobs