Tuesday, April 24, 2007

College, Football and Ky

Football is a truly good sport, and you cant beat it on a lovely sunny day when your in college with your pals and have a football handy, a park nearby, and some form of ninja called Ky around to jump 7 feet in the air and score goals(see below). it passes time rather well! football is a good game, speaking of which come on Liverpool for tomorrow in the match against Chelsea. everyone should play football and ride bikes if you ask me. which brings me to my conclusion of the post

bike riding + playing football - work = happy life

thats my formula for a happy life. its patented, so don't steal it or ill steal you or your parents car dust caps and use them on my bike. and i don't mess. whatev. bye!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hav you got the fote schils josh i bet you have if you dow you can tech me and my dog moses to kaye jenkins

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Peaks '07

Finally I've bothered to put up the pictures from our bike ride to and around the peak district that me and all my biking pals went on.

It was a painful but rewarding 2 days the first day we went about 40k from New Mills and found our way into Castleton, Derbyshire. we then went for our evening meal at the local pub called The Castle, to save weight most of us brought shorts n flip flops to change into, so as you can imagine we looked well cool!

Then the next day we went on a longer ride, 60km, over lots of hills climbing a total of 1600 meters (higher than Ben Nevis) . and went round the Ladybower reservoir too, which is where the Dambusters film was shot if any one cares to know. and at one point a massive Hercules plane flew right past us, it was amazing. and then for the end we set off heading up the most dangerous road in the country the dreaded Snake Pass (AKA the A57) which took very long and was quite scary! in total we went about 100km climbing a total of 2500m (height of 2 Ben Nevis's).

Click here to view the gallery of the peaks!

One more thing for all you hardcore gamers out there. We met the real Gordan Freeman during our stay, bet your well jealous. check it out!

woah, bye.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have look at yor picchers it is funey well don maet love kaye jenkins

Blogger Yonner said...

jolly good work. gotta love that picasa album thingy. nice pics.

Blogger Smigers said...

Well done on the post pal. I thoroughly enjoyed it as i did the ride, just a pity i whinged so much whilst i were doing it (there were just so much hillage haha). Respect to Whitham and Josh for doing what is the most suicidal downhill ive ever dun with me. N also mad respect to Ben for absolutely knackering his face off on that insane uphill that killed him for the rest of the ride lol. Great times and I cant wait to see you guys again over the summer for some more riding ;)

Blogger Smigers said...

ps. Ive just noticed that ure socks say "SOCKS" on em...lmao, thats well funny, ah well laters

Blogger Josho said...

woo, cheers man, ye you gotta love the SOCKS

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Oldham Bros Magazine

This month, is a super special month because it is now the time for the official release of the one and only new Oldham Bros Magazine.

Containing cool characters as sketches such as Joshoman and Jamobot (pictured left).

We spent lots of time thinking about our magazine, and here it is finally, available to you on the web! wow like cool!

Inside you will find different stories some with a message of seriousnessnes and others just to make you chuckle.

The plan is to keep the magazine going, and producing a new issue once every few months or so.

anyway enough of this blabber!

Click Here to read the magazine

we are always looking for new ideas and stories for us to publish so if you think of anything just let us know in the comments or email!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

put me in it that wud be brileant if yu cod thancs kaye jenkins

Blogger Josho said...

maybe one day

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Yonner said...

I can't believe you actually completed a full episode. good work boys. very smile-worthy. I can't believe joshoman has shiny boxing gloves on!

Anonymous Matty Garlick said...

Anyone heard anything from Kaye Jenkins? Its like shes dissappeared from the face of the earth

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yor frend is beying horebal to and hi snaem is matty garlick sor it aut for me boys ples kaye jenkinsk

Blogger Marco Luten said...

hey guys! nicely done ;) Cheers!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Milnrow NightLife

At the weekend we had a night out on Milnrow, which i haven't done before, it was quite the laugh, starting at the John Milne at the south end of Milnrow working our way up to The Gallows at the other end, and then finished of with a good old kebab from Tariqs. im posting coz i haven't for a week now, and im going on a biking holiday at 7 in the morning (Tuesday 3rd April morning) so i shouldn't really be here now, i should be asleep. anyway its going to be well good.

Click Here to view the gallery

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hop yu in joyd yor bike rid nis to spek to yu all on the fon kaye jenkins

Blogger Smigers said...

Hey man....im liking the main pic but i cannot get onto the gallery for some reason. Cant wait to see ure post on the peaks.....wota mint ride, im still aching n its bin 2 days now hehe, neways hope 2 see you laters josho, smiv

Blogger Josho said...

cheers smiv :D iv fixed it now try it again if u wish, the peaks post will be soon!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bawt me josho kaye jenkins