Saturday, May 26, 2007

Last Day Of College

Yes its true, yesterday was my last ever day in college, was a good but sad day. We all stayed out in Oldham after college for a drink, to celebrate it being the last day or whatever. and quite a lot of people came. which was good. (see pic to left - click to enlarge)

Mixed emotions really, I'm glad that I've left college n the fact that i have finished my courses and don't have to go in for them again. but when i think about how good it was, in classes, all we really did was mess around all the time and spoil other peoples education, which was a laugh, and i had good teachers as well that i got on with. even though they might not have got on with me. Also outside of lessons, ill miss renting out the sports hall and playing football, going Alexandria park, the thrill of waggin' lessons, spur of the moment trips to the pub, some people who ill probably never see again, people who i got on with but never really thought about asking for their numbers or anything and everything and whatever else here is to be added to the list. You can only really truly realize how good something is after its gone...

but never mind, when i look at the good things that have come out of college... I started bike riding, i will soon have qualifications that i will never use, made some new good friends, learnt how to play poker, won my teacher at connect4, won my maths class in the connect4 championships, made "A Day in The Life of Josho" video and lived off other people's hard-earned money by taking free education, and more or less wasting it! :D (sorry to all you honest tax-payers) . so its been a good 2 years.

anyway this morning i spent a lot of time rooting through my pictures, finding all the ones that have been from college since i started, and put them into a gallery for you to see.

click to see the gallery of Josho's College Memories

Below are a couple of the pictures I took on our last day, these are in the gallery above as well, but still thought id put a few of the new ones up here (Click to Enlarge and see the picture better)...

Chillin at the bank top
What Daf!?
Matt Whitham has a well shiny fod!
Maths class
Our College

And thats the end of that, these are sad times, wish me good luck with my life, and leave happy comments!
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Blogger Adam said...


and loop

Anonymous Moe said...

Gonna miss it soo much! all u guys! brings tears to ma eyes lol! gud luck evry1!

Anonymous nat said... gunna miss everyone! We av ad a gud 2yrs 2geva n i hope every1 the best with the future! xx

Anonymous Anonymous said...

say we all go the same uni an carry it on. i couldnt think of a better way of spendin 5 grand a year. oh yeah i can by not bein a silly prick. bring on shit £5 an hour jobs for life. yes!!!- matt "shine on that fod" whitham

Blogger Josho said...

thanks moe n nat, ye gonna miss you too, not burl tho.

as for Matt "shiny fod" Whitham, I'm with him, bring on crappy wages for life!!

Blogger Adam said...

its fine josh neither will anybody else. ill just bang u out in another life.

Blogger Jake said...

Will miss u all......2nd we rule its not all bad.
we shud organise a get together in the summer......looks like a bbq at josh`s then. Whittam bring a mouth guard this time.
wot u think?

Blogger Josho said...

ha ye rite, if my parents let me im trying to argue my way at the moment! but im tryin!

aww burl, i dont really mean it. course everyone will miss kickin ur bag and everything else, see you soon!

Blogger Adam said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave Burke

ye im gonna miss college with you guys, remember when we killed that cat and whipped it at burl

good times, good times

Blogger Josho said...

here here burkey

Anonymous K' said...

aww gunna really miss coll, thx to u all u guys who made it a gr8 2 yrs, hopefulli we will meet again. anyway where there is a football u no im there lol

Monday, May 21, 2007

Janet's 50th

Yes happy birthday to Janet Lowe everybody this weekend she had a surprise party prepared for her at the Milnrow Cricket Club. and it all went well! she was fooled until the last second, ill tell you the story behind it, so if anybody else wants to do a surprise party you can do the same!

A week before the event my parents rang up Janet inviting her out for a meal on Saturday night. and so then come Saturday night and my parents go to pick up Janet and Ian, and say "oh, we haven't got the table booked until 8, and I need to go down to the cricket club to ask about Josh's (my) 18th, why don't we go for a drink whilst we are there?". "Ok" replies Janet! so they walk in and Janet walks in first, and we turn all the lights off hit the spotlights facing them and then everybody shouted "happy birthday!". and she was very surprised! it was brill! :D.

And i had to prepare music for the disco, which was ok at first. but then near the end of the night, people kept approaching me asking me if i was the D.J, after i blatantly said no i wasn't, but still i got asked to put songs on, and then i never played them, and i got abuse given to me by old drunk people! mint! not.

anyway, bye yo!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy 50th bertheday janat from the jenkisk famalley love kaye

Anonymous Martin said...

Your used 2 abuse of old men after 2 years wiv andy now, what did u say bk to them?

Blogger Josho said...

thanks kaye, im sure they'll be chuffed to know you lot sed hi.

ha, well Martin i dint really say much back to them, i just said that i had the songs and they were coming on, n never played them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Current Trig Champ

Yep Its True As Of Yesterday i am the current trig champion. as most of you will know, the Trig war is on between me and Benjamin Hepworth, and last week he was 2 trigs in front of me. and thats how the war started. however yesterday, i had the sudden urge to go on a bike ride, so first i went to college and went to my computing class with all my biking gear on.

so i set off initially to get just one trig and then head home and it would have been about 30 km, instead as most people who know me may have guessed i got a bit carried away and rode down into Hyde and up round he hills to get my self 3 trig points. And it was wonderful because no one was there to say "Josh I think were going too far, lets turn round". so i ended up doing 60 km with 1 km of climbing, which is quite a lot, and eventually got back home.

so like now the score is 37 - 36 to me. woo, and that score will keep rising, make sure toalways check out my trig page to see how i am doing on the pic's section.

click here to check out my trigs and find out what they are.

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Anonymous gansonwheels said...

Good lad Josho. I thought I'd come a long way to Wild Bank & Hough Hill from Greenfield but then I'm old enough to be your grandad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

good 1 josh, ur a minter!!!!!

Blogger Josho said...

good stuff gansonwheels nice to know a fellow trigger appreciates my hard work! i think on my next ride is your alphin pike, west nab, and possibly, but probably not, lingards wood. good luck with the trigging!

cheers annon it would be cool if you'd comment with a name tho so i could reply properly :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well don josho you didit on yor bick haw did you dow that josho that mus be hard to get up the hill for you kaye jenkins

Blogger Yonner said...

josh you loon! that's 37 miles. I can't imagine doing that. Sounds like hell

Blogger Ben said...

I work in Hyde, could you feel my vibe?

Nice trig trackin'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i didnt sign my name coz i didnt want u 2 no who i am!!!!!! obviously josho, i thort u wre a genius!!!!

Blogger Josho said...

cheers for the support Yon Yon, and ben i could feel your vibe.

and Mr annonymous poster well thats just annoying!!, atleast give urself a fake name like "Mr Unknown" grrr,

ah well at least it keeps me thinking to who your identity is...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision 2007

Wow, well what can i say, its possibly the best event of the year, such an exciting non-political time which really brings all of Europe together, and shows how a really nice continent we all make.


Possibly actually the worst event of the year "You don't know weather to laugh or cry." (Quote Sir Terry Wogan). Its so lame i think you have to laugh, it wouldn't quite be the same without him doing the commentary, if he didn't i think a lot of people in Britain would have committed suicide tonight. anyway enough with this blabber down to what we all want to see. the results!

for once Great Britain didn't finish last, and we got some points this year! a grand total of 19 which put us in second to last position, possibly a record for the UK? the UK entry this year showed the English music industry at its best with the well known band "Scooch".

The winner this year was this horrible mess, some stupid ugly fat foreign Serbian dyke...
(WARNING: don't look at this following picture for too long)

It actually pains me to look at her. this sort of rubbish just reminds me of how foreign people are all freaks, and it makes me glad that I'm British and not one of them.

It was probably the worst song I've ever heard. There is something seriously up with Europe.

Tip Of The Week: Get out whilst you still can!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i stayed up to watch it pity england didnt win i am disappointed kaye

Anonymous Anonymous said...

tht women loooks like nadia off BB. u know. the man one. - matt whitham

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Alton Towers

The Oldham Bros invaded Alton Towers on Saturday this week, it was well fun. its the first time I've ever been, and it was good, it was very busy tho, since it was May bank holiday weekend and we only went on 7 rides in the space of 7 hours! madness!

Log flumes are obviously the best rides on theme parks, i dnot know why but they just are. flying though the air at 100kph accelerating at 4.7G's just doesn't quite beat floating down a large pipe in a bathtub.

Anyway you can see us on the log flume (pictured left: click to enlarge) yes we do look a bit like spastics, but i can assure you we are putting it on.

Rite well I've had enough of blabbering now, and I'm bored because I WANT TO WATCH SPIDERMAN 3 so badly. heres another picture of us at Alton Towers. having fun at base camp. and thats about it for now! b-bye.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is soo funey boys i iam goowing ther whithe school in bording i bet si funn ther i am cuming up to see you in the holdaes that wel be god fun to see you a gan love kaye
ps hi hanna and jon and wendey

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol @ you. hahahaha - matt whitham

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention the highlight of the day... was meetin me!!! tehe!!!!

great to see you guys... to scream hello n wave like loonies to each other from the otherside of the log flume!!!!!

TOBY MAC!!!!! rocked that stage!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeh!!! just incase u hadnt of guessed the last comment... was from teh lovely Jennie

Blogger Josho said...

haha, ye jen i guessed it were u! glad u stopped by! ill prob see u soon wont I. ye was a good day!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The War Is On!!

Rite I think its about time I shared my thoughts on this boy (pictured left) he thinks he's so good but some day soon hes just gonna get knocked out, he thinks he's so good just because he currently has claimed 36 trig points, (if you are unsure on what trig points are just look here) and i have only currently claimed 34 due to this he recs he can now prance round thinking hes well better than me. Could he be MORE WRONG! he can just wait until i come back from my mass trig collection because I'm gonna get 50 in total before I'm 18, and lets see if hes still acting cocky then ey?

so if you see this fool walking round or something make sure you nudge into him and be rude or something like that, don't worry hes soft so he wont do anything.


Also on the topic of wars, Liverpool got through yesterday, and Man Utd are gonna get through tonight so its gonna be a Liverpool vs Man Utd final which is gonna be well good to watch, COME ON LIVERPOOL!! THE WAR IS ON!!!

and the moral of this post is that Wars are well good fun, yeah! on that note, bye, and go start some of your own wars!


Man Utd lost against AC Milan 3 - 0 so now the war is off.. oh well, my war is still on!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Josho you can do it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

kaye jenkins

Blogger Yonner said...

ha. ok.