Thursday, June 28, 2007

Johno's Car

Yesterday me and my Father Johno whom you may remember from previous post such as "The Thingz" set off on an adventurous journey to Cardiff to pick up his car he had won from eBay. So there we are having lots of fun(pic left) on our 4 hour train trip from Manchester picadilly.

finally after long last we arrive at Cardiff and my dad has made a card for us so we can look like dorks holiding this up at the train station in cardiff, but everyone was welsh anyway so we fit right in. So then the guy finds us eventually and my dad gets on with the dodgy dealings and whatnot.

Woo so we got the car and we're sat there like layydz!! cruisin outa Cardiff still with my goon haircut. And everything is goin well and good, soakin up some cancer rays when along comes this big cloud and it starts raining on us. Oh well up goes the roof and we carry on all the way home.

woo isnt that cool so now my dads got an old 1992 Maxda MX-5 Sports Car, and its pretty cool! and good fun. well thats the story for today, bye!

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Blogger daveg said...

Nice one John, its a classic!! I will probably have a mid-life crises too; but i'm too young yet!!!!

Blogger Yonner said...

woah! nice wheels!! How much?

Blogger Josho said...


Monday, June 25, 2007

New Haircut


Day After

Enough said I think.

I look well cool i think you'll agree!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you plonker wot ar you plaing at wot a funey her chut wot bus yor famaley think of it love kaye

Blogger Yonner said...

ha nice one josh. I bet you've shaved off that front part by now though haven't you? Either way, GOOD EFFORT

Blogger Josho said...

nope still there and will be stayin until i get enuf complaints!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

top buzz. if anyone one would like one or has there own designs please contact me at;
matt whithams hair salon,
53 bentgate st,
ol16 4jr

Anonymous Anonymous said...


- burl.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

josh you baboon your hair was mint an i would tell whitham its rank :) ha! really! ergh

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this gets me randy mate

Monday, June 18, 2007

On Yer Bike

Get on your bike everybody, this week is UK Bike Week, so everybody get on your bike and support the cause, bikes are obviously the best invention ever! so get to your shed grab your bike pump up your tyres scrape off the rust n give it a quick wash if needs be, n get riding to work/school/college and everywhere else that you go!

so get on yer bike everybody n just go for a bike ride right now!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive got a 3 weler biek it neds a new tiyer thanks for speeking to me on fridaey kaye jenkins

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spadeball Video

Ya its time for another video. this was filmed like last summer like, so like its a bit old footage like, but it was because like i couldn't be bothered doing it man! but finally the other day i got round to putting it together.

just a stupid video really, filmed in France. just like playing hockey sorta but with spades and a mini football on the beach. well good fun!

Anyway click here to watch the spadeball video!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was a mazing videow to whach on the web kaye jenkins

Blogger Yonner said...

ha. too funny

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fell Off Again...

Yup I have fallen off my bike again however this time it wasn't quite as bad, but it was by far much SToopider, so i decided to go on a little bike ride yesterday, and as we were setting off i was going donw the road and thought id be 'ard n do non-handed on me bike. then i felt like being more cocky n stood up whist doin it n was talking to tom and Jake behind me. when then all of a sudden i see myself veering left towards a parked car, i tried grabbing my handlebars in time to correct my direction, but it wasn't happening. by this point i took the initiative to dive off my bike before colliding with the car, n landed flat on the right side of my hip and right elbow, and ripped my lycra shorts, gutted...

Anyway i was pretty happy i came off pretty well, i wont be able to cycle or walk properly for a couple of days, but im quite glad i dint do any thing any worse and my bike is fine.

So what did I do at this point, before we had even set off? well obviously i got out my Savlon anti-septic wipes cleaned my self up whapped some plasters on myself, and set of on the bike ride, thought i might have been able to ride the pain off. And it worked!

lesson of the day, if you get injured go for a bike ride and you'll be rite!

so now I'm sat at home bored and its sunny, and i wanna go out and do summat but can't. grr.

And on the topic of bike riding, we now have two more recruits Jake n Honeybee say hello to them...
Ok thats it bye
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Blogger Yonner said...

Nice photo!!!!
Did the car get much damage?

Blogger Josho said...

nope just me :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is nis josho hawo did you do that josho did did it hert saey helow to hanna for me and mum and dad i whocht pirets of the carbean3 ded mas end ti is so fune

Anonymous Anonymous said...

kaye jenkins

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i doubt honeybee's leg could look any gayer. and jake.....well you know. any way when i get my bike back from the gay boy faggot shop ill pwn the both of em. woop! -matt whitham

Blogger Honeybee said...