Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Sam & Jessica!

Just a quick message to say happy birthday to my cousin's over in The Wirral because i cant be over there to say it myself!

and hello everybody else over there too, enjoy the party!


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Thursday, September 13, 2007

100k bike ride

Last week me Ben and Matty went on a 100 kilometer bike ride. it took us 7 and a half hours and we rode over to Sheffield on the Trans Pennine Trail, starting in Glossop journeying through the peak district. and on the way back we came back through the Peak district Lower down through Castleton going up the famous Winnats pass in the peak district climbing about 250 meters in the space of about 1.5km very steep! its the longest bike ride we have ever done before our previous longest being about 65k was a good day, bike ride, saw some of the best scenery in England and felt a large sense of achievement!

buzzin well thats it for now, bye!
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Summer Time

Well summer has been and gone for most people, and it will be gone for me by the end of this week and so will my life.

but first id like to talk about summer and how good its been, ive been on a few holidays, and trips but havent managed to get pictures up of them yet, for many a reason. but ive put them all together into one gallery the ones nobodys seen yet. the gallery includes Caravaning in France, Camping in Lincoln, and a weekend in Bassenfell Manor near Keswick in the Lake District.

Click here to view the gallery of my summer holidays

Anyway this Friday is gonna be the last day of fun really, goin out for one last time with everyone into Manchester if anyone fancies comin out your welcome to come along. but after that its time for me to find a proper job. preferably one that involves riding my bike. if anyone knows of anything that might interest me id be happy to know what it is. gotta be some form of job that involves toddling round on a bike all day....

:D bye!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was god picher boys i which i was ther at basenfel this yer love kaye

Blogger Josho said...

cheers kaye, i wish u were there too! missed u lot not as much fun, without the jenkins!