Monday, January 28, 2008

Local Hero

The other day one of our good pals from here at the oldham bros became a local hero his name is now Sam Hero Butterworth.

It all began on a stormy night in the middle of a horror stricken slum that goes by the name of Newhey, when all of a sudden out of the shadows 3 butch men emerged with knives and chainsaws, the poor boy sam (pictured left) was caugh off guard and these 3 dudes started slashin at his face, quick to react sam knocked em all out with his bare little finger and came home with only a poxy stab wound on his arm.

or so the story goes...

well not really it were just 3 16 year old kids n one of them had a knife. 2 of them were knocked out and the other had the knife managed to get a stab in before he went to the ground. the poor sad face of the boy you see above you is the aftermath of the incident.

the time has come my people,

has a new guy arrived...

could this really be THE guy?

OH NO! wait a minute, its the real guy come to say a few words...

Oh dear "the guy" seems angry!

Wow look out sam! Looks like the real guy want you a challenge!

until next time, faithfull readers, and beware the guy, dont let him challenge you!

(to find out more about the guy check out our comic from last year.)



The local news soon cottoned on and he even had his own shop poster.
"The Guy" is getting more infuriated by the second...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


- Sam "hero" Butterworth

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way, its time to slaughter all the chavs in Newhey and all around, gather arms people, they are burning down our churches, making heroes to challenge the guy, making our lives a misery and taking advantage of our cattle, this must be stopped


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont swer ther oldhams go to cherch and so do i thaey dont swer nor do i plees dont thancks

Blogger Josho said...

you got TOLD!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was me josho kaye that sed thata but cherch

Blogger Josho said...

dont worry kaye i know! iv told him off now so nice one!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Skiing Holiday

Well as most of you should know from reading this blog, i went skiing just before Christmas, and i was meant to be bringing back lots of pictures and video footage. However my video camera broke in the airport on the way to Geneva it started eating my tapes up for some reason . And then my camera broke on the first day of skiing! i think it just decided it was too cold and decided to not turn on ever again. which means iv had to get the others pics and stuff together before i can get them up here. so now here we are!

well im not gonna talk much about what happened because 1 i think you can already gather that every second of daylight we had we spent skiing, and 2 the pictures speak for themselves really so you can just check them out!

Click here to check out our Skiing in Morzine Pictures

well enjoy those pictures!

also the "About Us" page has been updated now with some useful about information so check it out!

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Anonymous Tom Honeyman said...

quality holiday = quality pictures
definatly do it agen next year

Anonymous Jake Ladz said...

We are gonna do it agen next already saving up.
Was the best thing ever, i still laugh at the view we had from the chairlift, "where is she goin???".......weeeeerrr-smash.....faceplant......lmao

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Rite iv finally got all the pictures form New Years Eve now, and they are all together in the gallery below.

Click here to see the new years eve 2007 picture gallery

Hope you all have a Happy new Year! from The Oldham Bros!

As for me, for new years resolutions this year im not entirely sure what to do. maybe...

1. make more videos
2. do more bike rides
3. drink more Guinness
4. eat more quavers
5. come higher up in the gallows pub quiz
6. post more to the website?
7. get a new phone on contract instead of the 10 year old pay as you go thing i currently own.
8. get a decent job
9. build up my old bike
10. paint my room!

and thats about it, honestly the only ones i think ill ever achieve is numbers 3 & 4, but oh well, you never know, cant think of any others but any suggestions will be taken on board.

oh ye and 11. get my hair cut!

and also pictures from Christmas are up now so don't forget to check them out!

rite well all the best with your new year and all your own resolutions, seeya!
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