Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Earthquake Anyone?

Its 1:00am in the morning and there has just been an earthquake, it was amazing. iv just leant out my window to take a picture of what remains of milnrow, its a sad story (picture Left)

i thought my house was gonna fall down iv never experienced an earthquake like that before it was cool.

i think it was a North thing, as i have been in contact with my sources from down in London and they say they felt nothing.

Here i have a live interveiw with a Mr Mathew kirk, From Salford Uni on the 9th floor, he reports that his building shook for nearly a minute! following is an exclusive with the man himself:

"Mat Kirk says:
i was naked
Mat Kirk says:
on my pc
Mat Kirk says:
got up
Josho The Guy will prevail says:
Mat Kirk says:
got dressed quickly as f**k
Mat Kirk says:
raged cos i cudnt find my keys
Josho The Guy will prevail says:
Mat Kirk says:
i thought i was gona die cos of them keys"

and thats it, amazing hey?

Please report your earthquake stories in the comments!

More Info On The Quake...

Magnitude - 4.7
Date/Time - Wednesday, 27/02/2008 at 12:56:45 AM
Location - Lincoln Area
Depth - 10 km (6.2 miles)
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Anonymous Jenster said...

YEHHH!!! i thought i was cool... i live 15 mins away from the epicentre... so u can guess how bad it was for us!!!

laughed more at people's reactions the next day tho.. how people thought it was the end of the world and were still scared...

bit of fun whilst it lasted.. no real damage at all...

Blogger Josho said...

yes jenster! it was mint, i peoples reactions were dead funny yeah especially on the radio when people were saying what they thought it were like: "i thought my neighbours were moving there furniture round at first" even i was trying to convince myself for the first ten minutes afterwards that it was the wind blowing on my house!

cheers for commenting jen!

Anonymous Jenster said...

more than welcome!! lol!!

with regards to funny stories... one of my friends actually slept through it all and believed he was on a train!!!!
another actually seriously thought it was the second coming of Jesus!!! and waited up another hour just incase he had'nt got round to their house yet!!!

think i need to invest in some new friends!