Saturday, April 05, 2008

Finally A Bike Ride!

The other day we finally got to go on a bike ride, which was dead good we rode about 30Km over Blackstonedge and over the hills and far away, was a good ride actually, with no punctures or problems.

Its a bit disappointing tho really to not have been able to go on our annual peak district ride this year as with working all the time and people being away it just wasn't possible which was really disappointing! Click to See our our old peak district pictures from 2006 & 2007

However we did get to go on this one were the four of us trudged through ridiculous bogs getting very muddy, and matt whitham trying to prove me wrong by saying he could clear this gap but to his surprise he was wrong and got his bike wedged in there.. (pictured below)
Goon! Anyway thats about it for now and just to let u all know we are working on a couple of videos and things at the moment so they will be up soon (hopefully) if i can get my act together, anyway gotta go! seeya!
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