Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Road Bike

With the weather getting nicer recently i decided to take my self out on my road bike which i got a while ago, all i really use it for is riding to work and if i need to get somewhere quick, but ye anyway i set off on it up over Blackstonedge and heading towards Huddersfield.

i think you can all agree that i look pretty mint on it! (there are some more pics below)

ill defiantly have to get out on some more rides with it, you cant half build up some speed with it! anyway have a look at the pictures...

One of about 15 attempts to take a picture of myself but it kept getting ruined by cars and this one some little gay boy thought it would be funny to get in my way, so i chased after his and knocked him out.

About the 15th attempt of this picture, finally no cars other bikers or my camera didn't get blown over.
Me and my mint bike taking a rest
My bike next to Scammonden bridge which when built was the longest single span non-suspension bridge in the world, Amazing!
Me in action!
and thats about it! seeya!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi oldham bros haw ar you haws the famaley dowing haws cherch my sister is home and my bruther to did you red my coment love kaye jenkins

Blogger Josho said...

good one kaye the famaley is mint thnkyou, were off on holiday to scotland tomorow so that should be fun. i always read your comments! cheers kaye! hi the jenkins family!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heard josh is one strangle love next week with his road bike. gayzor

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi lads great web page could not stop laughing me and joel loved it joel said your a chav

Friday, May 02, 2008

Boxing With Matt n Burl

Last weekend a group of us went camping in ogden which was meant to be a test to see how it would go if we went and did it in the summer, it turned out ok, but i didnt stay the whole night.

anyway we took some boxing gloves us and this guy here Matt Whitham (pictured left) boxed Adam Burleigh, if you can call it boxing, but anyway they fought and at first it might look like matt may have lost, but really h was the winner. he got his black eye from burl buttin him when he tripped up.

anyway i took a video of it and its quite funny so click here to watch it!

i apologise for the disgraceful language used by some of the lads.

thats all for now, seeya!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


-Matt Whitham

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was verye funey haws the famaly the jenkins ar verye well charis saes hi and sino ses hi to and moses to and not for geting gineypig to haws your famaley ar thaye ok all for naw live kaye

Anonymous Garlick said...