Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Sinai Challenge '09

Last week i have just been on a sponsored trek through the Sinai raising money for Missionary Ventures we embarked on a 5 day trek through the mountainous desert, in hope that we could raise enough money to help and support missionary ventures with the work that they do giving people a hope and a future. check out their website...

We had a great week and have got plenty of pictures, i have managed to cut the amount of pictures down into a reasonable amount for your viewing pleasure! click here to go to the pictures page

Check out the video i made for the trip as well right here or download it

DOWNLOAD a High Quality Version of The Sinai Challenge 2009 Here! (also for use with you ipod or phone) "Right Click" & "Save Link As" to donload to your PC

Thanks for watching dont forget to leave a comment!

btw i am still alive, just don't post often at all!! nice to know your still reading!

till next time!

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