Thursday, March 30, 2006

Evanescence - Wake Me Up Inside

Here is Jamo, Aero n Danny performing one of their favourite songs to the camera, quite an old one but worth the funnyness, the idea for this masterpiece originated when a sweaty mosher with a long gay emo fringe walked down the street, and was wearing lots of padlocks and listening to mosher tunes, so they thought to them selves, "lets all be moshers" and here is the result!

Music By:

Evanescence- Wake Me Up Inside,


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Or if Google Video wont work, view Evanescence - Wake Me Up Inside here!
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Old High School Short Vids

Here are some mint vids of the good old days... more for people who have left school really, but anyway... enjoy! (warning - offensive lanuage in background)

Ever feel like smashing your pen? try this... (dont try this at home)

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What happens when pen smashing goes wrong? your qustions answered..

its hard to see but ye, his finger bled.
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Time to throw custard at the homlessness...

no homelessness's where harmed or offended in the making of this.
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A Classic tunnel of death at break time.

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Well thats it, Thanks to tom garlick for the filming. and we have permission off everyone who appeared on these clips, to be put on our site.
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Blogger amy said...

omg everyone looks soooo young! That bloody tunnel was torture if u got caught in it! U were crazy you lot? Whoes the mad head with the finger & pen? Aw this vids are dead good to watch!! Put a smile on my face!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Soap n Bubbles

One day I (Jamo) was sitting on the computer looking at when I came across a video named "The Pope has an E-mail address". So I watched this video and at the end of it Yonner sings Soap And Bubbles (one of his many famous songs throughout the North West) but in this version he changes it a little. So then I decided thats one good video but I bet I can do better.

No fish or other aquatic animals were harmed in this animation.

Soap n Bubbles -
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Gals On The Run


Here we have an all time classic that has been eventually finished and edited, basically Gals On The Run is a series of clips of a fictional character who i dreamt up, he would run everywhere and do mad things, what a guy, just imagine someone who is always in a rush and you may like it too.

Well ye, anyway...enjoy the new version!

Music By:

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Flight Of The Bumblebee

Richard Wagner - Flight of the Valkyries

Propellerheads - Spybreak

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Ave Maria

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The Lost Soul

This Lost Soul was shot in Scotland on the edge of the sea. No Birds or Sheep were harmed in the film, even though it may seem that the bird was speared and the sheep were taunted. The film is about a boy, who has been deserted on a deserted island were only birds and sheep live. This boy has to find a way to survive and a way to get back to civilization.

Music By:

Coldplay- Everythings not lost,

Survivor- Eye of the tiger

Pink Floyd- Sheep.


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Or if Google Video wont work, view The Lost Soul here!

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Fred The Fat

The idea of this very successful movie throughout England came from Josh’s head. His original design of the movie was a young frightened boy who was fat and was being bullied. James took this idea of Josh’s and acted on it.

Result! Fred the Fat was born. The Oldham Bros are thinking of making a series of Fred movies.

Music By: Mozart- Greensleeves

Enjoy and laugh.

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Or if Google Video wont work, view Fred The Fat here!

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The Matrix

The Matrix was basically a test to see what stunts we were capable of on camera…obviously James wasn’t very good and got at least one move in the whole thing. But watch out for Josh’s impressive roundhouse kick near the beginning of the movie which he was pretty happy with. Those who hate James may enjoy this movie; you’ll see what I mean.

Music By: Propellerheads- Spybreak


Veiw The Matrix fullscreen:

Or if Google Video wont work, view The Matrix here!

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